Are Fronius solar inverters noisy?

Yes. In comparison to the competition, yes they are. Fronius solar inverters are sometimes so noisy that we have even had neighbours call us up and pay to replace the offending solar inverter on their neighbour’s… Read more

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Who is Delta?

In my research, one particular manufacturer has stood the test of time, Delta. Not the airline or Australian songstress but rather the largest switchable power supply manufacturer … Read more

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We have made a decision to stop selling Chinese Solar panels as we head into the Summer of 2020. We will continue to supply Chinese inverters as we believe that the Chinese inverters have improved, whereas we have been put off with the recent plummeting… Read more

Sofar Solar Mass Energy Solar Inverter Review

Sofar Solar Mass Energy solar inverters are manufacture by Shenzen… Read more

Akcome Solar Panels

Akcome solar panels are produced by the Akcome Group, which has … Read more

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