Hail damaged solar panels in Springfield lakes

Hail Damage – Solar Panel Replacement Brisbane

Does your Solar System need replacing from the recent hail storm that passed through Brisbane?

We work with many Home Insurance companies that assist with replacing your hail-damaged solar system.

This week we have had many solar customers call us, both our previous customers and people who have had solar installed but are no longer in business. These people all have home insurance that covers Home and Contents.

There have been recent hail storms in Brisbane and we are helping people replace their solar panels as a result.

Solar panels damaged by hail in Brisbane
Have a look at this. Hail damage looks like multiple golf balls have hit the solar panels.

What to do if your solar panels have been hit by hail:

  1. Contact your Home Insurance company. (Every Insurance company has different and unique ways of dealing with hail-damaged solar panels in Brisbane. Some prefer you to choose a solar installer. Other insurance companies have their own assessors and estimators come out and dictate to you how they are going to assist you and at what level they are willing to do so. Some will refund your purchase, others will organise the whole thing themselves.)
  2. Call us up to organise a quote. We will give you a quote, Apples for Apples, Oranges for Oranges. Chances are the panels that were damaged are no longer available on the market. In this scenario, we will give a quote that will be of similar size and value that will be approved by the insurance company. Some people also tell the insurance company that manages the solar system replacement
  3. If given the go-ahead by both you and your insurer we will book a time to come out and install the new solar panels and replace the system. By this time you would have been told what you are approved for and all parties are clear on what work will be carried out. We will have to replace your inverter also, as the STC rebate’s that are given on the panels cannot be claimed if they are installed without a new inverter to match. This is stupid that you can get an extra $3500 rebate, but only if you supply a new inverter that costs between $1000-$2000 extra. But those are the rules we need to adhere to.
  4.  Your solar system will be covered under a whole new warranty period. This is the best part. Your new solar system should be performing better, perhaps even be bigger (if you negotiated with the solar insurers about wanting to upgrade the system), and come with brand new warranties that will hopefully never have to be action taken on, and hopefully will avoid Brisbane’s next large hail storm!

Recent Hail Storms that have damaged solar panels in Brisbane

On Saturday 31st October a massive super-cell storm ripped through parts of Ipswich, Greenbank and mainly Springfield Lakes. We are assisting many people getting solar quotes in Brisbane that have had their solar panels smashed and cracked from the hail stones landing on them. Please see our Brisbane solar system prices page to get an idea of what systems we offer.

Springfield lakes Solar panels damaged by hailstorm 1st November 2020
This is what parts of Springfield Lakes look like because of Hail Stones the size of this!
Take a look at how the solar panels are tested for Hail impact by the Manufacturers. Absolutely nothing like a real storm in real-world conditions.

3 thoughts on “Hail Damage – Solar Panel Replacement Brisbane”

  1. Dieter Soegemeier

    I have started a recycling business and looking to take as many dammaged solar pannels as you want to give us for later recycling.
    We offer free pickup here in Brisbane and further for quantity
    My phone is 0475 785 953

    1. Hi, you are best to call a local electrician out to isolate the solar panel and remove it. Ebay and Gumtree are the only places with exact replica’s of panels.

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