Solarworld Solar Panels Reviews

Solarworld Solar Panels Reviews

Introduction to Solarworld

Solarworld is a recognized leader in the US Solar market for more than 35 years and are the largest player in this field. They offer services across the entire solar production process from sourcing and manufacturing to assembling and hiring. They manufacture and produce every cell and assemble the panels themselves and provide products for commercial and residential use. They have a state-of-the-art facility in Oregon.

Solarworld Solar Panels Review

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule solar panels follow the highest standards of quality in designing and manufacturing for best performance and durability. They offer both grid-tied and off-grid products which are customizable for all requirements.

Solarworld sells both polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels in the 220-255 Watts range. By adhering to the strictest of standards in Quality , Environmental and Safety standards available, Solarworld ensures that it delivers products which are of the topmost Quality and peak performance.

Key features of the Panels

  • These panels use High-performance monocrystalline cell structure for maximizing power efficiency.
  • These panels come in a stable aluminum frame which makes mounting easy.
  • Solarworld panels score in a key area over the other available panels. The power output and efficiency of solar modules gets degraded due to continuous exposure to high voltages. But Solarworld panels are free of this degradation through improvisations and are accredited to be PID free.
  • This is the only true black module in the market today. They come in an elegant design that blend with the roof line to give a sleek appearance.
  • The power ratings specified for these solar panels are maintained and regularly monitored. The performance of the solar panels exhibits just a  2 percent measuring tolerance which is more precise than most other manufacturers.
  • These panels come with a 25 year performance warranty.
  • There is a high load capacity which is better than other panels as these are designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice.

Current Products in Solar Panels

The Solarworld products come in the following ranges:

  1. Sunmodule Plus series
    1. Mono & Black
    2. 250 – 280 W
  2. Sunmodule Protect series
    1. Mono & Black
    2. 265 – 275 W
  3. Sunmodule poly data sheets
    1. 220 –,255 W
    2. Sunmodule Plus poly series
  1. Sunmodule off-grid data sheets
  2. Sunmodule off-grid 150 R6A
  1. Sunmodule Pro-Series XL
    1. Sunmodule Pro-Series 305/310/315W XL mono

Solarworld keeps reinventing on its Solar module ranges to improve in efficiency, power output, and performance.

Advantages of Solarworld Panels over others

  • Offers a better warranty of 25 years than many others.
  • Starting from the raw materials, SolarWorld exerts 100% control over the manufacturing process.
  • There is a stringent ‘in-house’ quality control process to ensure top class quality.
  • Long term player in this field which makes them knowledgeable about the customer’s needs and goes into designing the best solution.
  • Free of degradations which are induced due to exposure to high voltages hence give better stability in the long term.

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