Huawei Solar Inverter Review

One of the newest solar inverters for sale in 2020. Brisbane customers love them!

Huawei Solar Inverter Review

Huawei is a large global corporation with a focus on the tech sector. While the company is best known for its mobile devices and communication technology, it is also the world’s leading producer of solar inverters.

The Two Main Inverters

Currently, Huawei produces two main variants of its solar invert. The two variants are the three-phase SUN2000-M0 and the single-phase SUN2000L. Unlike inverters from other manufacturers, the Huawei inverters feature High Voltage DC-coupled compatibility for select brands as standard. As a result, you receive a hybrid solar and energy storage inverter. With that innovativeness, Huawei appears to have effectively taken up a huge chunk of the global resident solar market. Their inverters appeal to people who want to access cost-efficient energy storage options right now or later.

The Single-Phase SUN2000L Inverter (Residential Inverter)

The inverter was released in 2018, two years behind schedule. Huawei used the two years to refine the device. The effort was worth it since Huawei was able to create a high-end inverter with a minimalist design that has sparked an innovativeness race among solar inverter manufacturers.

One drawback of this inverter is that it does not have an emergency power supply function. However, even with the absence of an EPS, the value for money that a buyer receives makes this a worthwhile purchase.

The SUN2000L inverters come with a 2kW and 5kW capacity. They feature a part of Multiple Power Point Trackers, unlike the standard one found in similar inverters from other makers. It means that with these inverters, you can install two arrays of solar panels facing different directions. The inverters are also quite light and they weigh just 10.4 kilograms.

  • The distance of Installation from the Sea

The installation manual for the SUN2000L inverters states that you should install them within 500m of the ocean to avoid mist corrosion. For most other inverters, the minimum distance from the sea is set at 200m.

  • Battery Compatibility

The SUN2000-L inverters are only compatible with the inverters are the LG Chem RESU 7H and LG Chem RESU 10H. However, the latest SUN2000-L1 inverters support the Huawei LIFEPO4 battery that comes with a capacity of 5kWh that is expandable to 30kWh.

  • Warranty

Huawei’s SUN2000-L inverters come with a 5-year full replacement warranty. They will replace any defective inverter or offer parts for free but without the labor after that for 5 years. It is better than the industry standard of just a 5-year full replacement warranty. The 5 years plus 5 years is a warranty we typically see in our Growatt and Fronius Solar inverter.

The Three-Phase SUN2000-M0 Inverter (Commercial Inverter)

The Huawei three-phase inverter was released in 2020. It comes with similar features to the single-phase inverter. The inverter has received praise for being an innovative and practical inverter that offers users affordable battery connectivity options.

Like the single-phase inverter by Huawei, this device does not feature an emergency power supply functions. It helps to cut down the price for buyers who are looking to save on their energy costs by using solar power and energy storage.

Technical Specifications

The Huawei three-phase SUN2000-M0 inverters come with a capacity of 5kW and 6kW.

Battery Compatibility

The Huawei SUN2000-M0 inverters are compatible with the LG Chem RESU 7H and LG Chem RESU 10H batteries as well as the Huawei battery. The three-phase inverters all come with an optional emergency backup box, which is compatible with all their inverters except for the SUN2000-L inverters. 


The Huawei inverters, both for residential and commercial use, offer buyers an impressive list of features. These inverters are proving quite popular and the company is giving well-established companies major competition in terms of innovativeness, which is always good for consumers.

We soon aim to sell Huawei Solar inverters in our Brisbane solar system packages as we review them very positively.

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  1. Typo on your review for Huawei.
    You write Huawei’s SUN2000-L inverters come with a 5-year full replacement warranty and then explain that as if it were a much better ten year warranty. Which it is of course.

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