Best Solar Inverter for Brisbane

Best Solar Inverters for Brisbane

If you decide to install solar power in Brisbane, one of the core requirements is a solar inverter. The inverter converts the DC power from the solar panel into AC, which the electronic devices in your home run on.

Picking the Right Inverter

If you are new to solar power, you must understand which one to choose. Without the right inverter, your solar system will not deliver the quality you need and will merely be an expensive roof ornament. Here are the top solar inverter manufacturers that deliver high-quality inverters. We sell many of these inverters listed below, you can check them out in our solar systems prices page

Fronius Australia

Fronius inverter sales in Brisbane
Queensland Solar & Lighting enjoyed their time at Fronius factory in Austria.

Fronius Australia has been making solar inverters since 1992. Their products are renowned for being of high quality and are usually by a high quality of service via their partners all over Australia. The company’s Solar Energy division produces solar inverters for commercial, residential, and utility customers. To ensure their products are of the highest quality, the company often conducts stringent quality control to ensure their products are reliable and durable. Read our Fronius inverter review, we think it is very noisy.


Abb Aurora inverter review - house fire
The old ABB Aurora inverter was a problem but now seem to be good.

ABB produces solar inverters called ABB One. The company is the second larger producer of inverters globally. Their inverters are designed for the harsh weather conditions that are characteristic of Australia. Besides that, the company spends huge resources in research, which ensures their inverters deliver the highest level of efficiency to consumers. 

Growatt Australia

We visited Growatt in March 2019. Growatt were very impressive!

Growatt is a company that specializes in the manufacture of solar inverters. They offer a wide array of inverters, which include off-grid, on-grid, and storage inverters. In China, the company holds the title of the best Chinese resident PV inverter maker. We love Growatt! Read our Growatt inverter review


GoodWe is a company that has an unwavering commitment to quality. Since its establishment, the GoodWe brand has been renowned for the quality, service, and cost-effectiveness of its products. It produces the MPPT model GW4000-SS single-phase inverter and the MPPT model GW17K-DT three-phase inverter.

Both of these inverters have been awarded a Double A rating in the Photon Test, which is one of the most stringent tests for solar inverters. GoodWe ranks top 2 for residential inverters and top 5 for commercial inverters. Besides the Double A award, GoodWe has won numerous other awards in Australia and abroad.


SMA inverter review
The Old German SMA inverters were the best! Now they don’t have an LCD screen and mostly Made in China

SMA is a leading maker of solar inverters in Germany. The company manufacturer’s both off-grid and on-grid solar inverters. They are renowned for inverters designed for different modules and grids. Their inverters can be used in isolated and backup solar systems. Read about our thoughts on the SMA inverter here

Solis Australia

Solis Australia has been around since 2005. It is one of the fastest-growing makers of solar inverters in the world. Everything they produce is designed and built in-house. It ensures that they can control every aspect of the inverters. As a result, you are guaranteed reliability and innovativeness in all their products. We have a great and honest review on the cheapest inverter you can buy in Australia – Read our Solis inverter review


Sungrow Inverters Queensland
What can we say… We have installed over 100 of these inverters over 3 years ago and haven’t had one failure yet.

SunGrow is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality solar inverters globally. Their inverters are designed to be hardy and do well in the harsh weather of Australia.


 If you live in Brisbane, going solar is a pragmatic decision due to the numerous benefits you stand to gain. Besides that, there are numerous federal and state incentives, which should make installing a solar system stress-free.

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