LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane

LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane


With LED light getting to be ubiquitous in applications at home and commercial establishments, those in the Sunny State need to know more about the LED light wholesaler in Brisbane.

LEDs are cleaner, efficient and cooler energy consumption devices. Coming in various colors, shapes and sizes, LED lights are getting to be popular as their acceptance by the regular folks have increased.

In Australia, the acceptance of LED as a regular lighting technology is apparent with the large Wholesalers that deal with LED lamps.

LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane

LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane

These LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane will provide you top notch LED Lights at very competitive prices. The applications for these LEDs sold here include and are not only limited to Commercial, Residential, Retail, Industrial, Aviation and Health. The wholesalers have direct contact with the personnel from the manufacturer and therefore will ensure that any problems with the LED lights or fixtures will be handled expertly. The Company Reps may also visit customer premises and understand the customers lighting needs or take feedback on the installations done.

Another advantage the LED light Wholesaler Brisbane provides is that the latest technology available can be showcased. This is possible by an increased list of suppliers providing LED lights. They have an advantage that due to economics of scale, a large warehouse will be able to stock a significantly greater quantity of the same item. This also helps in making the prices more competitive.

Some of the major brands that are stocked at these LED light Wholesaler Brisbane are from the following manufacturers:

  1. OSRAM
  2. Philips
  3. Brightgreen
  4. Choice LED Australia
  5. LED Technologies CREE
  6. Collingwood
  7. Halers
  8. Tridonic

Many of the Manufacturers provide lamps that can be retrofitted and do not have compatibility issues with current electrical setup. Most of the LED light Wholesaler Brisbane not only offer very competitive prices but since customer service is a priority for them, will help the customer the right product that would suit their requirements.

Considering that the market potential for LED is only increasing by the day, there is also potential for spurious or imitation lights to entire the market. While these may be cheaper in the short run, will not have the longevity that LED are known for or they may work as advertised. Therefore the customer would be prudent to visit these LED Light Wholesaler Brisbane who are known to keep the genuine stuff. Good Quality, Long Life LED lamps are manufactured from the reputed brands mentioned above and the customer is advised to stick to the tried and tested.

LED lights showcased are used for the following occasions:


  • Down lights
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Tubes
  • Strips
  • Bar
  • Wall Lights
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Desk Lamps
  • Floor Lamps

With more and more customers going online for their shopping needs, these LED light Wholesaler Brisbane have their websites which are list their products ranges. The prospective customers can therefore make an informed decision on procuring the LED lights.





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  1. Hi there,
    Im after pricing of 50x OSRAM LED STAR B22D globes.
    Could you please email me thru with a quote.
    Also price me on any equivalent globe that may be a better deal.

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