LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast

LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast: Quality Design, Efficient Performance

Welcome to the latest designs in LED Shop Lights Gold Coast from the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company. Our catalogue of LED Shop Lights Gold Coast features LED lights from major companies dealing with electric equipments from all over the world. We understand your home’s requirement of having power efficient, longer lasting and environment friendly light fixtures. We provide you with light fittings in ultra modern and stylish designs to uplift your home interior and give it a sophisticated ambience.

LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast

LED Shop Lighters and their benefits

LED Shop Lighters are the newest rage among those people who want to revolutionize their home or commercial space. This design is the latest improvement in LED downlights, with the LED panel being circular in shape. Shop Lighters can fit in anywhere, but they are usually installed in the ceiling. The lighting it provides is one-directional, so that it falls on and illuminates a particular circular area. This type of lighting is very useful if you want to highlight a particular region of your home. It is also being used in panel lighting where a lot of tiny shop lighters are installed in your ceiling at equal distances. Shop lighters are extremely long lasting, and can run for up to 40,000 hours. They also do not emit harmful ultraviolet radiations and are extremely environment friendly.

LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast

The Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has a wide range of LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast from different companies. We have shop lighter fixtures from Philips, Havells, OSRAM as well as local manufacturers like Choice LED Australia. We stock their latest products so that you can choose among a number of options to suit your needs. We ensure that the LED lights we sell come from certified manufacturers and only stock the latest consignments.

Our LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast have greater lumen output and can provide clear, brilliant lighting. They also come with in-built dimmers that can mute the light if you want it so. Shop Lighters are also an excellent option for work areas because they provide focused, high intensity lighting for optical compatibility. Our LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast come in various shapes and are a good bet if you want to avoid bulky light fixtures. When used aesthetically, LED Shop Lighters can really transform your home and give it a surreal appeal.

So how do you avail of our services? It’s extremely simple. Check out our catalogue of LED Shop Lighters on our website to select the one that would go with your interiors and fit your budget. If you are not sure which to buy, register with us to get free quotes and sales advice. We will be happy to help you out in choosing your light fixtures. Once you have selected a fixture, out electricians will turn up at your home for installation and servicing. We do our level best to ensure that you don’t have to undergo any hassle to avail of good lighting. Sign up today to get the best deals on LED Shop Lighters Gold Coast.


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