Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane

Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane: Bringing Electricity to Your Doorstep

Welcome to our presentation about Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane. We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have made a commitment to our customers to provide them with a proper electric source and circuit with minimum hassle on their side. This is why we have provision for free solar power quotes, sales advice and news about what is going on in the world of renewable solar energy. For a home owner living in Brisbane, the off grid solar system Brisbane is a great idea as the area receives an enormous quantity of sunlight all through the year. So powering your home with a standalone solar energy grid system that does not depend on the conventional electric grid is a very cost effective as well as environment friendly method. You can also avail of the various incentives the government is offering on solar powered system, which will reduce your buying and installation costs. One such incentive is the solar credits subsidy which will make you savings worth thousands of dollars. Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane

About Off Grid Solar Systems

For locations which are remote and cannot have access to on grid electricity supplying the rest of the country, or can only have it with difficulty, the off grid energy system is a great idea. The Off Grid energy system means that you can have a standalone, independent electricity grid to power your home. This grid is self sustainable and creates the power out of solar or wind sources. In Brisbane, solar lighting is the best idea because of the year round solar power available. The system will power itself from the sun and distribute electricity throughout the house. This means that you are secure if your house is in a remote location and natural disturbances prevent on grid power from reaching your home. The setting up of such a system is a hassle, but it becomes easy and efficient with Queensland Solar and Lighting Company’s Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane.

Why buy Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane from us?

We have been the pioneers in the field of Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane. We offer you the latest news and advice about the market for solar power in the country. We have a range of brands signed up with us, so you get to choose the grid that suits your needs. We take care of the installation and later servicing should you need it. We also have attractive deals and rebates for residential and commercial spaces as well for weekend residential areas. Our off grid solar systems Brisbane all have back up batteries so that the electricity is available to you even without sunlight. We have products made with the latest technology to amplify and optimize the sun ray inside the system to generate more energy. Do read out customer testimonials to assure yourself of our quality servicing. We also take care of providing you with the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) which can be a hassle for you. If you want the best products and quality service, make sure you sign up with us for our Off Grid Solar Systems Brisbane.

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  1. Can I put an OFF GRID solar/battery/hybrid inverter system to stand alone, just to provide power to a pool, spa and some fridge freezers with 3 days autonomy. Want to save some money on the bills to run the fridges etc. Load would be 5a for pool pump and equipment (6 hrs a day) and 2 x large chest freezers @ about 4.5a on 24/7 (but cycling ?)

    Located on 5 aces at Nambour with 5kw grid tie already on the property.

    What sort of ball park figure and is this legal if not tied to grid.

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