Commercial Solar Lighting NSW

Commercial Solar Lighting NSW – a Review

Are your rising energy bills causing you to consider moving to commercial solar lighting NSW? This blog outlines why this is a good decision to make!

Commercial Solar Lighting NSW

First things first – let us quickly understand what goes into solar lights:

How commercial solar lighting NSW works:

Solar power lighting systems are simple to setup and use.

They comprise of

a)      A solar panel – This is also called a ‘photovoltaic cell’, which gathers solar energy from direct sunlight during the day. Luckily, we have plenty of sunlight through the year in NSW, making solar lighting easily affordable.

b)      A rechargeable battery – capable of storing this energy, for later use.

c)       A sensor or controller – determines when there is no longer sunlight available to power the light, and switches to the energy stored in the battery.

The next step is in understanding what is so great about solar lighting – apart from the obvious savings in energy bills? Let’s find out!

Seven good reasons to switch to commercial solar lighting NSW:

  1. Unlike wired conventional lighting systems, solar lights are ‘wireless’ and need not be connected to an external power supply. No messy wires or tape for you!
  2. They are remarkably environment friendly, and do not pollute the air around. By choosing solar lighting, you re-state your go-green stance and up your commitment to the environment!
  3. If you live in an area with frequent blackouts, you can rest easy. Solar lights are unaffected by blackouts!
  4. Commercial solar lighting NSW is highly recommended for trades, fairs and other commercial establishments in NSW, where the chunk of the work is during the bright sunny day.
  5. Solar lights do work at night, and on cloudy days low on sunshine too! As long as there has been adequate access to direct sunlight at other times, the generators store the solar energy from these times in the batteries, handy for dark nights.
  6. Outdoor solar lights are mostly powered by solar batteries – making them a virtually maintenance free option. Just replace the battery when it drains out.
  7. And the clincher – once the initial set up is done, no pending electricity bills for your lights. The energy is free for you to use!

What’s more – the NSW government has sweetened the deal by popularizing an energy saving scheme suited to solar lighting. With this, most commercial solar lighting NSW establishments are eligible for a free lamp replacement .  You can find out more on the NSW-gov website.

QLD Solar and Lighting – your answer to a reliable commercial solar lighting NSW dealer:

QLD Solar and Lighting is widely spread across NSW, Victoria and Brisbane–Gold coast areas. Holding a high reputation in the business, QLD Solar and Lighting offers you:

ü  A well trained and knowledgeable team that takes pride in its work and products.

ü  Service that is personalized and top-notch. The team is always available to understand your unique needs and choose the best commercial solar lighting option for you.

ü  A strong passion for putting solar energy to good use. QLD understands your need to cut costs while providing the best lighting available, and can offer you a cost to benefit analysis of what investing in solar energy will mean to your establishment.

You are now all set to make the wise and economic choice. If you are keen to find out more, just dial 0411 348 400. You can additionally check the webpage on

Thank you for reading the review on commercial solar lighting NSW.

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