Commercial Solar Power NSW

Commercial Solar Power NSW – the Emerging Trend!



So you want to know more about commercial solar power NSW? This blog is aimed to provide you just that!

We Australians are lucky, blessed with gorgeous, round-the-year sunny weather. NSW is especially lucky that way. What this means is there’s enough sun in our skies to fuel commercial solar power NSW.

Commercial Solar Power NSW

Commercial Solar Power NSW – the rising market:

People often ask – ‘Solar power? What is wrong with conventional electric power?

Nothing, except that it is slightly exorbitant. Just check your ever increasing energy bills, and you are sure to agree.

It’s also definitely not the most pro-green option lying around. No wonder than that even our government is enthused about exploring alternate sources of fuel and energy – be it solar power, hydro electric power, wind energy or bio energy. Whatever works for the environment and our pockets!

Commercial Solar Power NSW

That is where solar energy emerges the winner, storming the NSW market with commercial solar power NSW establishments.

Solar power systems are flexible and economically viable for both residential and commercial markets. However, it becomes the recommended choice for commercial establishments with rising power consumptions. Most commercial offices cater to day jobs and hence it becomes ideal to use the freely available sunlight during this time to power your systems. Add to it the relatively hassle free setup that comes with a low maintenance promise and an acceptable warranty period, and you have yourself a winner!

What make a good solar power system a great system?

Here are the top factors to look out for:

ü  Initial setup cost and installation time.

ü  Low-cost, competitive pricing.

ü  After sales-service reputation of the dealer and turn-around time on service calls.

ü  Quality of the solar panels used and knowledge within the service and technical teams.

QLD Solar and Lighting scores high on these points!

What you gain when choosing QLD Solar and Lighting for a commercial solar power NSW system?

ü  A tie-up with among the market leaders in solar power systems.

ü  A strong, reputed team with excellent knowledge of solar power options and QLD products.

ü  Top of line service with products featuring among the best in the Australian industry.

ü  Competitive pricing with a clear cost to benefit analysis, clearly outlining why investing in their commercial solar power NSW systems is worth your time and money.

ü  A sales, distribution and service network that is super fast, reliable and spread wide across Australia.

What sweetens the deal is the support provided by the Australian government, often offering subsidies and rebates on solar power plans. With this, your choice or converting your commercial establishment to a solar powered one is guaranteed to result in a drastic cut in your energy bills!

You can get started on your go-green journey supporting solar power systems, by calling 0411 348 400 or logging on to An informed staff from QLD Solar and Lighting will support you on this journey to make the wise choice for your needs for commercial solar power NSW.

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