SolarWatt Solar Panels Review

SolarWatt Solar Panels Review

In 2022, Solarwatt decided to discreetly leave the Australian market. Donald Trump warned Germany in only 2018 to stop relying on renewable Energy. Trump also warned about the need to rely on buying Russian Energy as their main source.

Solarwatt has had to halt selling the panels to the world and quickly help assist in supplying Germany so they can use the panels to avoid a nasty Freezing-cold, German Winter. 

Solarwatt is a company based in Dresden, Germany produces SolarWatt panels. It claims to have over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of solar panels. Their Australian office is located in Sydney but also has a local Brisbane-based representative, Brendan.

Solarwatt are the best German solar panels in Brisbane

Solarwatt panels aren’t just the best German-made solar panels in Brisbane, but the best-made solar panel in the whole world. We are proud stockists and installers of these German solar panels. We have added Solarwatt to the list of solar panels that we offer and customers who are usually searching to put on a quality solar panel, or in particular, an LG solar panel are easily swayed when they read Solarwatt solar panel reviews. Solarwatt is by far the superior solar panel, compared to any in the market.

an example of a 320w solarwatt solar panel we have installed on a home in Brisbane

SolarWatt solar panels have received numerous awards over the years for their efficiency and longevity. Besides that, they have some amazing warranty terms. Here is a detailed review of SolarWatt solar panels.

German Made Solar panels
Solarwatt panels are actually made in Germany

Design – The best in the business

All the solar panels from SolarWatt use monocrystalline cells. These cells have an efficiency of 16 to 20%. Solar panels made using polycrystalline cells can only achieve an efficiency of 12 to 16%.

SolarWatt solar panels use the glass-glass design. It comprises an anti-reflective tempered glass top panel that is 2mm thick. At the bottom, there is another tempered glass panel that is 2 mm thick. The use of glass-to-glass ensures that solar panels are more durable compared to glass-foil panels.


Due to the glass-glass design, SolarWatt panels are safe from Potential Induced Degradation. In the standard glass-foil design, pressure on the top of the solar panel due to wind, hail, and other harsh conditions causes the solar panel to flex. The result is that some solar cells are damaged over time, which will reduce the output of the panel.

Besides that, the glass-glass design makes the Solar Watt solar panels more resistant to acid rain, aggressive gases, salt-mist from the sea, abrasion due to sandstorms, and warn-cold cycles. Consequently, they are the perfect solar panels for Australia’s harsh weather.


SolarWatt panels utilize monocrystalline cells, which achieve an efficiency of up to 20% under perfect conditions. In real-world use, you can attain an efficiency of close to 19%, which is amongst the highest in the solar industry. The efficiency of the panels is maintained in even the most extreme temperature conditions.

Better Performance Guarantee

In standard solar panels, an initial loss of 2% in performance is expected in the first year. However, SolarWatt offers a guarantee of a loss of less than 0.35% in the first year. The guarantee places SolarWatt solar panels within the top 3 solar panel performance guarantees in the world.

The Warranty Terms – SolarWatt Has the BEST WARRANTY in the INDUSTRY

SolarWatt solar panels come with a 30-year guarantee, which is five years longer than the longest warranty currently on offer in Australia. The 30-year standard warranty is three times longer than the norm, which is 10 years. What is unique is that their warranty is all-inclusive; it covers the product warranty and the performance warranty.

Thus, if your solar system is stolen or it is damaged by the weather, the company will compensate you in full. Additionally, if the solar panels do not deliver the promised output, SolarWatt promises to do a complete replacement of the solar panels. Thus far, no other company in Australia has matched the warranty terms offered by SolarWatt.

Solarwatt Solar Panels are always reviewed as the best-built solar panel money can buy. It is clearly evident that these solar panels were built in Germany to a high standard!


The panels produced by SolarWatt are some of the most innovative and high quality in the world. SolarWatt designs the panels to be durable while offering the highest efficiency to consumers. While they may not be the cheapest in the market, you can be assured that you will be getting value for money with each purchase. You can see the 6kw German solar systems we sell by clicking here

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