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Telsa Powerwall 3 Brisbane

Exciting News for Brisbane Residents: Tesla Powerwall 3 Coming Soon!


Attention, Brisbane solar enthusiasts! The buzz in the renewable energy sector is all about the imminent arrival of the Tesla Powerwall 3, and we are thrilled to announce that we intend to install this groundbreaking solar battery in Brisbane as soon as it becomes available. With its enhanced features and robust capabilities, the Tesla Powerwall 3 is set to redefine home energy storage, and here’s why you should be excited!

A Glimpse into the Tesla Powerwall 3

The Tesla Powerwall 3, a successor to the widely acclaimed Powerwall 2, is making waves in the renewable energy industry, especially with its recent installations in the USA. Boasting a storage capacity of 13.5 kWh and a substantial weight of 130 kg, this solar battery is designed to be a powerhouse of energy storage, ensuring you have a reliable backup during power outages in Brisbane.

Feature Category Tesla Powerwall 3 Details
Usable Capacity 13.5kWh
Continuous Power Output 11.5kW
Round-Trip Efficiency 97%
Monitoring Via Tesla App
Warranty 10 Years
Mounting Options Wall- or Floor-Mounted
Installation Location Indoor or Outdoor (Flood and Dust Resistant)
Weather Resistance Operable between -20°C and 50°C
Dimensions H 1,098.6mm x W 609.6mm x D 193.04mm
Weight 130.18kg
MPPT Strings 6
Scalability Up to 40.5kWh max addition per unit
Price (Estimated) $18,000+ AUD
Integrated Hybrid Inverter Yes, with 6 MPPT strings
Chemistry (Likely) LNMC (Lithium Manganese Cobalt)
Backup Capability Yes, with a configurable reserve percentage
Off-Peak Charging Yes, supports time-of-use tariffs
Release Date (AUSTRALIA) 2024

Tesla Powerwall 3 has 11.5 kW of power


Why Tesla Powerwall 3 is Worth the Wait in Brisbane

  • Enhanced Power Output: Unlike its predecessor, the Powerwall 3 is optimized for high power, ensuring that a single unit can serve as an uninterruptible power supply for most homes. This means more continuous power and the ability to run more appliances during a power loss.
  • Innovative Design: Although slightly heavier than the Powerwall 2, it takes up less wall space and is crafted with a die-cast aluminum body and glass front plate, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Integrated Solar Inverter: The Powerwall 3 comes with an integrated solar inverter, potentially reducing the overall cost of your solar system by eliminating the need for a separate inverter.

Tesla Powerwall 3 Brisbane: A Future-Proof Investment

With Brisbane’s sunny climate, investing in a solar battery like the Powerwall 3 is a wise decision. Not only does it allow you to harness abundant solar energy, but it also ensures that your home remains powered during unexpected blackouts. Moreover, with its impressive specifications and the ability to potentially serve as both a battery and an inverter, it’s a future-proof investment for every Brisbane resident keen on sustainable living.


Our Commitment to Brisbane Residents

We are committed to bringing the latest and most efficient solar technology to you. As soon as the Tesla Powerwall 3 is available in Australia, we aim to facilitate installations throughout Brisbane, ensuring you have access to top-tier solar battery technology. Our team will be equipped and ready to assist you in integrating the Powerwall 3 into your existing or new solar system, ensuring you maximize your solar investment.

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NOT JUST A SOLAR BATTERY – A Two-in-One Friend: Battery + Solar Inverter 🔄

The Powerwall 3 is like having two energy pals in one! It’s not just storing your energy; it’s also helping turn sunlight into usable power for your home. 🏠✨

1. Bye-Bye, Shade Worries! 🌥️
  • Powerwall 3 has 6 special strings (MPPT) that help it catch as much sun power as possible, even when there are shadows.
  • So, even if some panels are in the shade, you’re still making energy!
2. Easy-Peasy Setup 🛠️
  • With the inverter right in the battery, setting it up is simpler, and your energy setup looks neat and tidy.
  • Less wiring and fewer gadgets mean a smooth, hassle-free setup.
3. Friendly with Network Rules 🤝
  • The inverter and battery work together in a way that’s likely to get a thumbs-up from energy network folks (DNO).
  • And if needed, adjustments can be made to keep everything running smoothly and within rules.

Always Ready, Rain or Shine! 🌦️

The Powerwall 3 is always ready to have your back, even when the power goes out, and helps you make the most of off-peak energy times.

In a nutshell, the Tesla Powerwall 3 is like your personal energy wizard 🧙, making sure you get the most from your solar setup, keeping things simple, and always ready to power up your home. It’s a bright idea for a sunny future! 🌈🔋 Stay tuned for more updates on the availability of the Tesla Powerwall 3 in Brisbane, and let’s step into a future where our energy is clean, reliable, and sustainable.

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