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Exploring Tigo Optimisers

Hey there! Let’s dive into the Tigo Optimizer Review. Found this gem in our warehouse.

Tigo Energy: A Quick Overview

Based in California, Tigo Energy started in 2007. They focus on solar panel optimizers. The TSA4 model stands out for its simplicity and features.

Tigo Optimizers: The Basics

  • Install in 10 seconds
  • No need for ground wiring
  • Resists water, rust, and collisions
  • Handles up to 700 Watts solar modules

Five Reasons to Go Tigo

Why pick Tigo Optimizers? Here’s why:

  1. Better panel optimization
  2. Monitor each panel (extra gear needed)
  3. Quick shutdown feature
  4. Solves shading issues
  5. Works with varied string lengths and orientations

Shading: A Solar Challenge

Shading on one panel can drop the output of all. Tigo Optimizers tackle this problem head-on.
Tigo has been a key player since 2007. They started with module-level power electronics. Now, they’ve expanded. In May, they listed on NASDAQ. They also introduced inverters and batteries.

Tigo’s Current Lineup

Tigo now offers:

Single-phase residential inverters.
Hybrid inverters, battery-ready.
Batteries for their inverters.
Module-level power electronics.

Advantages of Tigo Inverters

Tigo inverters have several benefits:

US-Based: Rare in today’s market.
Large Inverter Options: Their 11.4 model reduces the need for multiple units.
High Efficiency: Between 97%-97.5%.
Accurate Metering: Revenue-grade meter included.
Four MPPTs: Flexible string lengths.
High DC-to-AC Ratio: More solar capacity per inverter.


But there are downsides:

Cost: Higher due to hybrid features.
Monitoring: AC side monitoring is still improving.

Summary and Looking Ahead

Tigo is new to inverters. They offer US-based operations and large models. Challenges include price and monitoring. We expect improvements in these areas.

Tigo’s Technical Advantage

Modern panels have bypass diodes for shade. But Tigo Optimizers add more. They spot shade-caused impedance fast. This keeps the current output high without stressing the panel’s diodes.

solar optimisers that are Tigo Energy branded, installed on a Brisbane, Queensland roof in AustraliaThinking Long-Term

Adding a Tigo Optimizer might up your cost by $100-$200 per panel. But the long-run gains are big. They boost shaded panels and protect the panel’s diodes. This means a longer life and better warranty.

If shading’s an issue on your roof, consider Tigo Optimizers. They up your solar system‘s efficiency and protect your investment. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for more tips!

Quick Comparison: Tigo vs Traditional Optimizers

Feature Tigo Optimizer Traditional Optimizer
Installation Time 10 seconds Varies
Resistance Water, Rust, Collision Limited
Shade Management Advanced Basic
Cost Impact $100-$200 per panel Varies
Long-Term Benefits High Moderate

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