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EV vs ICE Cars: Why on earth are People Buying EV Cars?

Hello, I’m Kempy, CEO of Queensland Solar and Lighting. I’m exploring the growing trend of electric vehicles (EVs) versus internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. Despite my background in solar energy, I find the EV craze somewhat baffling. Let’s dive into this topic.

The EV Hype: Insights from a Solar Salesman

In my role, I often meet clients preparing for EVs. They’re convinced of their cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. But does reality match their beliefs?

The Truth Behind EV Savings

A study by carexpert.com compared a petrol car with an EV on a Melbourne to Sydney trip. The findings were eye-opening. The petrol car proved to be cheaper and more time-efficient.

The Drawbacks of EVs

  1. Higher Initial Cost: EVs typically have a higher upfront price.
  2. Charging Time: They need longer charging times, a downside for long journeys.
  3. Electricity Costs: Increasing electricity prices can negate the cost benefits of EVs.
  4. Safety Concerns: EVs carry risks like battery fires and chemical hazards.
  5. EMF Exposure: The electromagnetic fields in EVs pose potential health risks.
  6. They are not very good for towing caravans or boats
  7. need to install a EV charger to your house or business

Solar and EVs

Solar panels can offset some EV charging costs. However, they’re not a perfect solution. Weather conditions and electricity pricing can affect their efficiency. You will likely need to ensure you have the largest solar system installed on your home.

The Mindset Behind EV Purchases

Despite these issues, EV sales are on the rise. But what’s driving this trend? It appears to be more about social status than practicality. These guys (and women, usually a Karen), love talking about how they Voted YES, all for Drag Queens reading to Kids, and are saving the environment way more than the next person. It’s called Virtue Signalling.

However, most people understand what’s going on, and it’s best to sit back and reconsider buying an EV in Australia at this moment. Always a safe idea to sit back and wait, and let the new safe, and effective technology play out.

The Future of EVs

The true test for EVs will come when government incentives are withdrawn. Will they remain appealing without these financial benefits?

In-Depth Analysis

Cost Comparison: Petrol Car vs. EV

Road Trip Experiment

  • Route: Melbourne to Sydney
  • Vehicles Compared: Petrol car (BMW 320) vs. Long Range EV
Aspect Petrol Car Electric Vehicle
Initial Cost Lower Higher
Fuel/Charging Cost $14 Cheaper More Expensive
Refueling Time 6 Minutes Over 2 Hours
Safety Standard Battery Risks
Environmental Impact Standard Unknown

Reasons for Choosing EV

  1. Eco-Friendly Image: EVs are perceived as better for the environment.
  2. Status Symbol: They’re seen as a symbol of modernity and trendiness.
  3. Perceived Long-Term Savings: Many believe EVs are more economical over time.
  4. Government Incentives: Financial incentives make EVs more attractive.
  5. Technological Appeal: EVs are associated with innovation and progress.
  6. Feel Good inside: Charge it from your home solar system and Tesla Powerwall battery to match your Tesla car!

ev cars savings

As a proponent of sustainable solutions, I encourage informed choices. However, when it comes to EVs, a deeper analysis is crucial. It’s important to consider practicality, costs, and potential risks. Eco-friendliness doesn’t always equate to the best option.

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