what is the biggest solar system you can install in brisbane qld 2021

What is the maximum size solar system I can install in Brisbane?

Are you wanting to know what is the largest solar system you can install on your roof in Brisbane?

The answer for homeowners with a single-phase electricity connection is a 10kw inverter, with 13.3kw of panels. The answer for 3 phase homes and businesses can vary greatly depending on location.

In 2024, you can still follow these ENERGEX Rules and upgrade or expand your solar system.


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The general rule is you can export up to 5kw per phase

  • Dual-phase or 2-phase electricity connections can export 10kw per hour.
  • Three-phase electricity connections can usually export 15kw per hour.
  •  Some Commercial solar systems have been known to be approved up to 30kW per hour by Energex

Many people who installed solar on their houses a few years ago, before 2019 thought that a 6.6kw, or going back further, thought a 5kW system was all they could install on their home.

what is the biggest solar system you can install in brisbane qld 2021
This customer of ours rung up to ask “Can I upgrade my solar system to a 13kw?” She was pleasantly surprised when she heard that she could install a 13kw solar system on her single-phase home.

Most existing customers of ours call us and ask to upgrade to a solar battery

But when we explain the economics of this to them they soon realise it’s an absolute rip-off to install a battery for their solar system. However, we tell them that there is still something they can do in order to increase their savings on their home electricity bill, and that’s to install a 2nd solar system next to their existing solar system.

Can I upgrade my solar system?

Yes! This is what we tell them. Many are stunned. The next question they as is “How big?” and the next question after that is “ok, so when can you do it?”

Customers are delighted when they find out they can upgrade their existing 6.6kW solar system to a decent 13.2kW solar system. This sees many customers’ electricity bills run into credit, and if they’re home in Summer, get to crank the air-conditioning all day long!

You can see the price lists on upgrading your solar system here.

How does upgrading the solar system work on Single-phase power in Brisbane?

Ok, so we’ve already discussed how Single-phase electricity connections have a 5kw inverter export limit, but they’re allowed up to 10kW of cumulative inverter limit at the premises. The existing 6.6kW solar system has a 5kw inverter. This means that you can install another 6.6kW solar system on the house with another 5kW inverter. You will then have 2 x 6.6kW solar systems on your roof, making your solar system a 13.2kW in total.

Upgrade solar system in Brisbane
Here is an existing customer’s house that had a 10kW solar system installed 3 years ago, in 2018. The customer was happy to learn that because he had three-phase power, he could wack on another 6.6kW system and export the lot. The System will go from a 10kW inverter to 15kW of inverter in total.

After the first 5kW inverter, we have to export limit the additional 5kw inverter to 0 export. This means that the power of the second additional solar system can only be used, the power cannot be sold like the first systems can. This works really well for people who have a lot of electricity being used during the day, Air Con, Pools, Offices, Kitchens. However, if no one is home during the day to use the extra power that an upgraded solar system generates there’s not as much benefit to the buyer.

If you are living in Brisbane, have ample room on your roof for more solar panels, and still paying an electricity bill, upgrading your solar system to the largest you can put on is a no brainer!

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  1. Hello I currently own a 600m2 residential vacant block of land in Brisbane. I am curious if I can install a 100kw system on this land through the business that owns the land. Is this something that you could give advice on?

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