TW Solar panels review

TW Solar Panels Review

TW Solar Panels Review

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Here at Queensland Solar & Lighting, we have recently been filled in on a new solar panel that has hit the market, and we are excited. The brand is TW Solar, short for “Tongwei Solar”.

2022 Update – The newest 415 TW Solar Panels are arriving in Australia

We have been selling TW solar panels in Brisbane for over 3 years now, proving to be a fantastic solar panel.

415w TongWei Datasheet here

TW 415 Solar panel datasheet MAP-108-H-S

If we’ve never heard of TW Solar, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking why on earth are you excited by TW Solar panels?

Well, it turns out we have been selling these panels for over 12 months and had no idea about it! These are in fact the Manufacturers of the quality solar panels we sell, the Hyundai panels! and what’s more exciting is the fact that the panels TW Solar are selling right now are the EXACT SAME panels as the Hyundai panels, just with a different sticker on it! It has blown our minds also.

TongWei Solar panels Vs Hyundai Solar Panels

Are you interested in seeing the spec sheet for yourself?

Hyundai Datasheet


TW Solar Datasheet



And here I’ve made it easier to compare for those of you who are a solar novice and have no idea what you are looking at

Hyundai Solar panels vs TW Solar panels
Are TW solar panels and Hyundai panels the same? Yes, it appears they are.

What are the differences between buying a TW Solar panel and a Hyundai Solar panel then?

  • Well, you are buying the exact same product. Just from another company. What we have noticed is the solar panels are identical. However, they are from a lesser-known solar company based in China, whereas Hyundai is a massive company, one of the world’s biggest and most recognised brands, and is based in South Korea.
  • The TW Solar panels warranty is not as long as what Hyundai has slapped on it. – This means you’d more carefully want to consider a solar retailer who has been around a long time who will be there for support in the event that TW Solar are no longer contactable, whereas Hyundai you would think are more accessible, and with the longer warranty

TW Solar panels review in conclusion

We knew Hyundai solar panels were being manufactured by a quality manufacturer in China, making the new Shingled-cell technologically advanced solar panel for Hyundai. What we had no idea of is the fact that TW Solar would come out and start selling them, being in direct competition with Hyundai, in Australia, just 18 months later. Because we have been selling and installing these TW Solar manufactured panels for so long, we can confidently offer them to new solar buyers.

There has been some thought that TW Solar could potentially be the next Longi Solar panel, meaning that they will take off from here. This is exactly what Longi Solar did in just 2016. Only 4 years later they were considered Australia’s most installed solar panel. They hit the market with a bang as they had built their companies strong behind the scene, before launch, just as TW Solar has seen to have done.

Those who are in the market, wanting to purchase a new solar system can see our price list for solar systems including the TW Panels, and score themselves an absolute bargain.

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