longi solar panel reviews

Longi Solar Panels Reviews 2022

Longi Solar Panels Reviews

Longi Solar Panels are the latest premium solar panels to hit Australian shores. They also arrive with the latest technology, so can make for an excellent bargain among those seeking higher efficiency panels with PERC Technology in Brisbane. Queensland Solar and Lighting are proud to offer Longi Solar Panels.

LONGi Solar to finally break the “quantity before quality” curse for the Chinese solar PV manufacturers?

Longi Solar Panels Brisbane


LONGi Solar – a name that has been getting more and more spotlight in the solar PV industry in the past few years. Anyone with decent amount of experience in this industry will surely recognise the Chinese giant. Historically many Chinese PV manufacturers have had a hard time getting rid of the “quantity before quality” label. Has LONGi Solar managed to finally get rid of this association despite being the world’s fastest growing solar module manufacturer in 2016?

While rapid expansion certainly makes it harder to for the product quality to remain unhindered, it seems that LONGi has done just that. Their monocrystalline module production capacity has surged to 6 GW in 2017, with plans to increase this capacity by 10 GW in 2019. Nevertheless, their module quality has not only remained unhindered, in 2017 LONGi Solar has achieved a new world record in PERC cell efficiency by reaching 22.71%. As to be expected, LONGi product line is also considered to be one of the most efficient on today’s market. This can probably be considered to be a result of their exclusivity and experience in the monocrystalline field as well as strong focus on R&D.

LONGi’s standard monocrystalline 60 cell module product line offers power outputs from 275 to 300 Watts.

Are Longi Solar panels any good in 2022?

Yes. The Longi Solar panels that were installed in 2016 are still going strong today!



Longi solar panels Brisbane
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LONGi Solar is the subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer of mono silicon wafers, LONGi Green Energy. We are specialized in producing high efficiency mono solar cells and modules.


In order to make you understand the mono solar modules better, the advantages of mono solar modules compared with poly modules are shared with you as follows.

  1. More power yield due to good temperature coefficient and lower operating cell temperature (3-5% more than poly solar farm or power plants); LONGi’s PERC Product ranked No. 1 in TUV Rheinland energy yield simulation for all modules in 2016.
  2. Less mounting footprint and less BOS cost due to higher power output of a single mono module;
  3. Field-proven long-term reliable operation due to lower power degradation and better mechanical strength of mono solar cells;
  4. Lower LID (2%) in the first year and lower annual power attenuation (0.55% per year) can produce more power generation than POLY.
  5. Less degradation. For the PERC module, the 1st year degradation is 2%, and the degradation from 2nd year to 25 year is 0.55%.
  6. Good product appearance and performance.
  7. Perfect crystal structure make less micro crack.
  8. LONGi uses high-quality materials to make solar modules, such as DuPont backsheet with higher reliability, which can be used continuously more than 30 years.
  9. LONGi has the entire manufacturing line, including silicon ingots, wafers, cells and solar modules. Therefore LONGi can better control the manufacturing costs and product quality.

Longi PERCSolar Panels Review

In PERC and bifacial product lines, the output increases to 305 and 310 Watts respectively. With bifacial technology still being young, LONGi’s bifacial product line has the potential to increase by additional 8 to 25 percent according to Hongbin Fang, LONGi’s director of technical marketing.

Until recent years Chinese made solar PV panels haven’t been able to get rid of the outdated “inferior quality” label. LONGi Solar is one of the very few brands that have managed to seemingly break past this barrier. LONGi promises their standard panels to retain 83.1% and PERC panels to retain 84.8% of their original power output after 25 years. This is notably better than the market standard of 80% after the same period of time. However, there is still room for improvement as some higher-end solar PV manufacturers provide a 90% power guarantee after 30 years and even a 50-year module lifetime guarantee. Needless to say, the latter one is often met with scepticism but is still impressive.

To sum up this LONGi Solar review, Longi Solar Panels are a showcase example of how rapid production expansion can go hand in hand with increase in product quality. It’s strategy to emphasize the reduction in levelized cost of electricity is certainly the right one for today’s needs. The company’s end goal to reduce the cost of produced electricity while focusing exclusively on monocrystalline technology is promising and might one day lead the effort to deliver cheap renewable energy to the world.

Longi Solar Panel Downloads

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LR6-60PE 285-305W_HIMO1_EN

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