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Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type Solar Panel Review

Jinko Tiger Neo Solar Panel Review

Jinko has just released and launched its latest solar panel in Australia. The Jinko Tiger Neo Solar panel range. This is an exciting solar panel release for 2022.

Jinko has been selling solar panels in Australia for over 10 years now, and we have sold many of them. They have been a very reliable panel. We have replaced a few that have shattered. We have had no drama with water getting in any Jinko solar panels, but we have not sold them for a few years now as we were worried about the quality and durability of Chinese solar panels.

It appears Jinko has had the exact same thoughts as us in regards to the quality of solar panels in recent years. seeing so many Trina solar panels failing and needing warranty claims. They have gone back to the drawing board and have completely redesigned their latest flagship solar panel they have just released, the Jinko Tiger Neo 470w solar panel. We are very keen to include these solar panels in the solar system packages we sell.

Jinko Tiger Neo Warranty Review

The warranty on the new Jinko 415w and larger 470w solar panel are the best yet for Jinko. Extremely good for a Chinese-manufactured solar panel. They have a 25-year product warranty, and also a 30-year performance warranty. We are excited to again off the Jinko Tiger solar panels.


What is so special about the Jinko Tiger Neo N-type Solar panel?

The fact that the new Jinko solar panels are an NType solar panels, and not the cheaper and inferior P-Type solar panels. N-Type solar panels have been revolutionised by LG Solar. They have also been proven to last a lot longer than the standard P-type solar Panel. This is why Jinko has put its warranties up to such an industry-leading level. Incredible stuff. 25-year product warranty, with a massive 30 years on performance.

Also, the efficiency is incredible. Jinko has managed to squeeze so much power out of the new Tiger Neo solar panels. It’s safe to say that Jinko now makes some of the best panels in the world with this series.

What is the Jinko N Type 415w Solar Panel?

The 415w N-Type Solar Panel is the Residential Jinko Tiger Neo. The dimensions are a nimble 1722×1134×30mm. They are nearly 20cm shorter than their commercial-sized brothers. These solar panels are only 22kg heavy. 2.2kgs lighter than the commercial-sized variant on the Tiger Neo.

This is the panel you want to be installed on your house. They fit up on the roof better and also get up with less stress and damage caused as they are not as cumbersome.

Jinko 415w Tiger Neo N-type spec sheet

What is the Jinko N Type 470w Solar Panel?

The 470 Jinko Neo panels are their commercial-sized solar panels. Tiger Neo 470’s are mainly suited for solar system installations on commercial solar systems. These solar panels are a bit cheaper than the residential-sized, as they are made easier, in a more mass-produced, larger effort.

The dimensions aren’t outlandish – they are a respectable 1903mm x 1134mm. The panels weigh 24.2 kg each.

Jinko 470w Tiger Neo N type spec sheet

Jinko 470w Tiger Neo review







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