Are Chinese solar panels and inverters good?

Are Chinese Solar components good?

Anyone working in the solar industry would know about this question. We get this time and time again, “are Chinese solar panels and inverters good?”.

The simple answer to this question is, “YES!”

The longer answer to this question is, “most are, some are not.”

If there are 1000 solar companies out there, selling solar power equipment, there are 999: companies out there selling Chinese solar panels and inverters. The reason they are doing this, is simply because they work and have proven to be a reliable.

are chinese solar panels good
These guys make good panels and inverters in CHINA!

Obviously, the Chinese solar panels have to be pretty good if sold companies are continually buying them as wholesalers, from wholesalers, to sell to installers, and then having the installers continuously installed the Chinese made solar panels and inverters onto Australians roofs.

Like Deadset, if Chinese solar panels and inverters were so bad they would simply not be used by 999/1000 solar power companies in Australia.

Did you know that many German solar panels and inverters are made in China?

I bet you didn’t. There are so many German companies peddling the fact that their product is made by a German company that that gets customers caught up in the fact that they see the word Germany written somewhere, or German made. It’s crazy.

Companies like Delta inverters, I see so many flyers in the mailbox and advertisements everywhere, saying Delta inverters, German engineered technology. After doing further research you soon find that these inverters. I believe are made in Thailand. If not Thailand definitely somewhere in Southeast Asia.


Also I believe SMA bought out another company called Zeversolar. SMA realised they were losing a lot of market share, is not every potential solar power system customer was looking for the most expensive and German solar panels and inverters system they could find on the market. Most people who are looking to buy a solar power system are just looking to buy one that works perfectly good and get it for the cheapest price they possibly can. And here at Queensland solar and lining we don’t blame them, because this is exactly what we think is worth. Something that works perfectly good, professionally installed and will be there in 30+ years time to last the distance.

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SMA take over Zeversolar

So off SMA went in search for a cheap Asian made solar inverter company to take over a newsletter ridge on the German SMA brand, to try and crank out sales in dirt cheap inverter market. With SMA now owning Eversolar, they can compete in both markets. One where customers are looking for premium German products, the other being the average Tom, Dick and Harry looking for a great solar system at an even better price. This is a very is very smart move by SMA in this regard. I like it. And guess what, just because the ever solar inverters are made in Asia now, does not mean that they are any worse than the SMA inverters sold to 3 times in the price in Germany.

There is also crap coming out of Europe to you know.not only, solar panels and inverters!

And how about the good stuff coming out of China, your iPhone. Perhaps.

And once again, I’m not saying there anything made in Southeast Asia is bad. I am just saying that what appears to be made in Germany or Europe – when it comes to the Australian solar industry, this is just a load of crap. It’s all just dodgy marketing, and out to really get the poor Aussie consumer.

But then again, is it their fault that they had not done enough solar Power research?

There are not many good Chinese inverters that you can use. For example, JFY inverters. They are one of the worst inverters we have ever witnessed or installed. We take great pride and distance ourselves in avoiding installing these rigs.
Anyway, if you are looking to purchase a solar system in Australia, and not want any bull shit advice. Give us a call. We will offer you a better than average solar panels and inverters system, and an even better price.

1 thought on “Are Chinese solar panels and inverters good?”

  1. Bob Christianson

    I am not in Australia but in the USA (have good mates in Qnslnd however)
    By reading your post you seem to be knowlegable and trustworthy.
    Do you have any recommendations for an Asian true sinewave 4 to 6k 24v/110v inverter?
    I have been looking at Sigineer but there are so many I am getting confused.
    Any help would be appreciated

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