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Pool heating Brisbane – options

It has always been a cherished dream of many people to own a swimming pool. It is a great thing to have but not until you can plunge into the water anytime you like all round the year. Well to be honest you can only do so if you have your water temperature artificially controlled all throughout the year and for this you most definitely need a swimming pool heater.

If you are still interested and you are reading this article now you are most probably a prospective customer who is looking for the best pool heating options. A common confusion that has now and then been arising is the penultimate decision-making on which type of pool heating options should one opt for. Here is a brief overview on the pros and cons of various options that will help you decide on your purchase of your pool heater.

The first and foremost category that comes to the mind is the Electric resistance heaters. They are quite cheap to buy and operate independently of air temperature and are quite environmentally friendly. However on the con side, they are quite expensive to operate with electricity bills ranging anything around $600. The installation is also quite expensive as heavy duty wiring and circuit breakers of large amperage are required. Energy efficiency is also very low in this type.

The next in line is the Gas Heater which uses natural gas or propane to create heat. The pros of the gas heaters lie in the fact that as an option for heating your pool, the price tag for these types of heaters is quite low. They also operate independently of air temperature and take very less time to heat up. On the cons, they are quite expensive to operate as the monthly expenses can go anywhere around $450. They are not very energy efficient options. The life span of these heaters is approximately five years and they also emit pollution.

Now let’s talk about the newer generation heat pumps. These heat pumps are cheap to operate with monthly expenses at around $100. These are also quite energy efficient. The water source heat pumps have the advantage of operating independently of air temperature. A heat pump has a long life span of anything around twenty years and they are also quite environmentally friendly. However, there are also some cons to this and mainly it comes from the expensive price tag which could be around $4000. The air source variant of heat pump however does depend on air temperature and the pool takes quite some time to heat up.

The final and most coveted pool heating option is the Solar Heater. There has recently been a huge upsurge in the purchase of Solar Heaters as there has been a rise in the electricity and the gas bills. The advantages of a solar heater are discussed. They are very cheap as far as operational costs are concerned. The heaters are very energy efficient with a lifespan of twenty years approximately. They are very environmentally friendly as they are using renewable energy source and they do not contribute to pollution. However, the major drawback comes with the price tag of purchase and installation which can be anything around $7000. The heaters are dependent on the sunlight and their efficiency is affected by cloudy weather and they do not function at night. The pool water takes time to heat up and the installations are generally based on the roof of the owner which a majority find quite unattractive.

Thank you for reading this article on Pool Heating Options in Brisbane and I hope this article helps you to decide which type of pool heating option shall be best suited to your needs.


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