Alan Kemp presents Solar Outsiders – Episode 1 (Brisbane commercial solar systems, Hannover panels)

Alan Kemp presents Solar Outsiders –  (Brisbane commercial solar systems, Hannover panels)


Welcome to the first-ever blog posts and podcast from Queensland Solar and Lighting. Alan has created this podcast in response to viewer requests. In this episode, Alan Kemp and Benny share current news and tips on cold calling for solar sales. Benny lost his job but is now in sales and learning the ropes, so Alan’s insights are shared from the experience of a beginner in the industry. Let’s get to it!


This Podcast Episode Covered:

Faulty Hannover Solar Panels

Some customers have reported water in their panels. That’s led to some customers receiving brand news systems. If you’ve installed and serviced Hannover panels, we recommend preparing for possible issues in the future.

Popular solar inverters in Brisbane

In other news, Queensland Solar and Power recently installed their first MIL inverter. It’s a great inverter with lower fan noise, a 24/7 consumption monitor, and a slightly higher frequency noise that’s not too noticeable for most people. Alan finds these to be a bit difficult to sell because they cost more than a Fronius inverter.


Alan recommends against Fronius. It recently took 4 days for him to hear back from them regarding an issue with their product. That was after Alan reminded them.

Business Cold Call: Calling a Brisbane Business to sell them a Commercial Solar System

Cold calling has long been a staple of the sales industry, and it’s no different when it comes to solar energy. You can listen in on a cold call in this post’s corresponding YouTube video. If you’re interested in making cold calls to leads and earning a business solar system sale, here are some tips for reaching out to them:


  1. Preparation is key. Before you make a cold call, do your research on the company and its leaders, so that when you speak with them, it feels more like a conversation than an interview.

In Alan’s cold call, you’ll notice that he doesn’t take long to come up with a response. He’s well prepared and experienced in cold calling, so the phone call feels more like a natural conversation than an awkward sales call.


  1. Be prepared to answer questions about your business and its services—you may even want to have a few talking points at the ready!

While the potential client didn’t have any questions for Alan on this cold call, it’s always possible they will have questions. It’s best to be prepared.


  1. Keep it brief, but be friendly! Don’t go in too strong; instead, try to find common ground with the person on the other end of the line so they feel comfortable talking with you (and hopefully buying from you!).

Alan’s cold call lasted about 5 minutes, which is a great time. In it, he asks, “Have you ever had a private group rent the place out?” He goes back and forth with the potential client and afterward, she’s willing to share even more information about their current solar setup. By the end of the call, he has a contact email and a strong lead for a future sale.


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