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Axitec Solar Panels Review – German Brand Solar Panels

Axitec Solar Panels Review

We have been selling Axitec Solar Panels since Q3 2021. Customers who purchase the Axitec Solar Panels in the solar system package have commented how ‘Premium’ they look – Whatever that means, but if it makes the customer happy, we’ll take it!

Axitec makes customers say that they ‘look like a premium solar panel’ because they are all black-framed.


Customers absolutely froth on the whole ‘black-frame’ thing. If you are installing Silver framed solar panels on a home in 2022, it just doesn’t look ‘Premium’ apparently. I don’t know. This industry moves so quickly that I am embarrassed to admit that I do learn quite a bit of it from our over-enthusiastic customers, but how good is that!


customers axitec solar panels reviews the thumbs up

The solar freak and enthusiasts of Brisbane, have united and regularly seek further advice and installation from Queensland Solar & Lighting.

Must be our 10+ years of experience in the Brisbane game. Not everyone is selling the German Brand Solar panels. They prefer to sell the Tier 1 panels from China. We used to do this too, but have made a shift to only sell premium panels in recent years.

Are Axitec Solar Panels any good?

Like anything new, we don’t know. We won’t know for at least 8 years I’d say. But we have to sell something. 8 years is around how long solar panels appear to be lasting before having mass failures. Many are not even making their 5th birthday.

So, If you don’t know if Axitec Solar Panels are any good, why are you selling them?

We have to sell something, otherwise, we will have no income, and the truth is a lot of people love ‘cheap solar panels, and a Schooner of HOPE’ to go with them. So this is us saying ‘We hope these ‘Axitec solar panels last the test of time’ also. We sell the Axitec Solar panels in our Budget solar system – for cheapskates.

Well, we have a bit more than just ‘hope’ on our side, we think. Axitec is a true German solar company with a Headquarters in Australia.

Their Manager in Australia is a great man, named Andreas, who has been in the Australian Solar industry for many, many years.


Our Final thoughts on Axitec Solar Panels Reviews

We are happy enough with them to sell them. They are far from the cheapest solar panel on the market. They are a German Brand, are sold in Europe, and even have an Office and support fully functioning in Australia, and have been for 5 years now. They are well-established.


So you could very well do worse, but we won’t be. This is our limit. Are the German-made SolarWatt panels much better? Well yes, they are built in Germany with totally different Technology and are the best built solar panel you can get. Totally different.

But again, Axitec solar panels are a clear step up to no-name brand cheap Chinese solar panels, sold by the masses also.



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