Sofar Solar Mass Energy Solar Inverter

Sofar Solar Mass Energy Solar Inverter Review

Sofar Solar Mass Energy solar inverters are manufacture by Shenzen Sofar Solar, which is based in China. The company specializes in the production of solar panels as well as solar inverters. Their inverters range in capacity from 1kW to7.5kW for residential inverters and 10kW to 70kW for commercial inverters. They have been operating in the solar inverter sector since 2012 and their inverters are sold in over 40 countries.

Sofar Solar inverters are on the absolute cheapest end of the market, the total opposite end compared to the most expensive solar inverter – The Enphase solar inverter.

All Sofar Solar are CEC-Approved

The Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) has approved the entire range of Sofar Solar inverters. They received the approval in 2018 and they were amongst the first inverter makers in the country to have all their inverters receive CEC approval. The company’s focus on research and development and improving the efficiency of their inverters and the accompanying software is why they have been so successful.

The company is very committed to quality performance. Soon after receiving CEC approval, they recalled some of their inverters to update the firmware installed on the devices. The update to the software was done at zero cost to their customers. With the updates, the inverters were made even more efficient. In case a customer did not have their firmware updated at the time, the company will still update to firmware at no cost to customers.

The SolarMAN App

SolarMAN App works on Android and iOS devices. It enables you to monitor your solar system easily and quickly. In the app, you will have access to historical and real-time data. You get access to the data in easy-to-understand graphs daily, monthly, annually. Besides the power yield of the system, you will also get access to data such as the weather conditions, the CO2 savings, and sensor information.

The SolarMAN app supports both local and remote modes. In the remote mode, you can access all the data generated by your solar system when far from home. To access the data, you only need access to a WiFi connection. It will allow you to monitor how your solar system is performing even when you are far from home. The app allows you to access the data of 25 years. AS a result, even when someone else moves into the home, he or she can view the historical performance of the solar system over an extremely long period. The huge amount of accessible data is made possible thanks to the in-built SD card storage technology.

The Warranty Terms

The warranty terms for Sofar Solar inverters are quite favorable to consumers. In the standard warranty, you will get full cover for 5 years. The warranty covers parts and labor and it is activated from the date of purchase. If a customer cannot produce a valid purchase invoice, the warranty lasts from 5 years and 3 months from the production date. That date will be verified using the Serial Number that comes with each inverter.

The company also allows end-users to buy an extended warranty within 12 months after making their purchase. In the warranty, the company will cover the replacement of faulty parts but they will not cover the cost of labor.

We use Sofar Solar inverters in the Cheapest solar system we sell.

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