Akcome Solar Panels Review

Akcome Solar Panels

Akcome solar panels are produced by the Akcome Group, which has been around since 2006. Today, the company operates in over 30 nations and has more than 6000 employees. Today, the company delivers products to the Australian market, including solar panels, via its wholly-owned subsidiary.

Vigorous Testing Center

Akcome has a modern research and development center where they test all their solar panels. At the center, they have thus far been granted over 20 patents in the solar industry. They conduct various performance tests, environmental tests, and safety tests.

The tests aim to ensure that the solar panels offer the highest level of efficiency in all types of weather conditions. At the same time, they conduct safety tests to ensure that homeowners using their solar panels are not in any danger. 

Thus far, the company has been able to produce solar panels that offer high performance in extreme heat and humidity. Besides that, the panels are designed to offer high-quality performance and stability even in low-light conditions.

Mounting Systems for the Solar Panels

Once you buy Akcome solar panels, the company will also supply you with the mounting system. They have both standard mounting systems and customizable systems. Akcome supplies its customers with both ground and roof mounting systems for any type of condition.

The mounting systems are designed to work on tin roofs, tile roofs, special materials, shock piles, steel piles, spiral piles, and steel-aluminum piles. In general, no matter where you need the solar panels mounted, Akcome has you sorted out.

A Diverse Range of Solar Panels

Akcome produces a diverse range of solar panels. For instance, they produce solar panels that use monocrystalline cells and others that use polycrystalline cells. The company aims to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality solar panels, no matter how much they are willing to spend.

Akcome produces highly durable double-glass solar panels, which are designed to last for decades. Additionally, they produce no-soiling solar panels that are designed to keep dirt and other particles off the panels. It is a great option for people who live in areas that are especially dusty in the summer.

AKCOME Warranty Terms

Akcome offers all of its customers a standard 10-year warranty that includes parts and labor for the panels. Best of all, they have a wholly-owned subsidiary in Australia. It means that all conditions of the warranty are locally supported. No matter where you live in the country, the company will offer you full support for the length of the warranty. Besides the ten-year warranty, the company offers its customers a 25-year performance guarantee. For the mounting system, they offer a 10-year product warranty. However, it is unlikely you will need it, unless in the case of extreme weather.


 Akcome solar panels are high-quality solar panels from a company with a solid reputation in Australia. They have a diverse product range and their warranty terms are quite impressive. If you are looking for great value for your money, Akcome solar panels are a great option.

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