Electroy Solar in Brisbane no longer in Business

Electroy Solar Bankrupt

From sloped roof installations to flat roof tilt-up arrays and building integrated models, possibilities for commercial solar power generation are varied and numerous. Companies joining in on the solar trend have the added bonus of selling excess power to the utility for money in the form of credits and savings. The basic principle behind solar energy systems is relatively simple: solar panels installed on a roof or set of buildings generate DC power via photovoltaic cells; a solar inverter transforms DC power to AC, which travels to a breaker box, which supplies the company’s electricity needs.

Electroy Solar Brisbane
Electroy Solar Brisbane office

This is all about solar energy. Some of the companies come extra protocols during the sale of the solar and this is where the problem arises. Why don’t you sell solar energy as it i? why should I pay for high maintenance fee while I know solar panels have 25 years’ warranty? Why should you sell me faulty components instead of showing me value of my money by installing quality components in my house? Why would you install solar power in my roof yet the bill am paying you is more than half what I paid for you to install solar power in my house? This are the questions most of the clients are asking after partnering with Electroy solar company to install solar energy in their houses. This is happening mostly in Brisbane. The company is no longer in business due to small mistakes that cost them a lot. See the following reviews on the company by clients about Electroy.

Bob and Jenny, 18 July 2015

“We have recently had installed solar panels with Electroy. Hardly any hot water and our first bill was bigger than before installation. My husband has phoned and phoned and phoned, leaving messages asking for return calls but after several weeks, still no response. Seems they are good at installing and taking your money but when problems arise they don’t want to know you. Dreadful follow up service (or should I say lack of)”

Angela 03 August 2017

“Still do not have Solar Power turned on 5 weeks after installation. Electroy did not submit paper work and no excuse or apology for not be prompt with submission. Although they took our money quickly. Would not recommend them.”

Queensland Solar & Lighting can help existing Electroy customers

Queensland solar and lighting has come to the rescue. It is a solar energy company that bring together renewable energy ideas to provide reliable, affordable and stabilized energy. Queensland solar and lighting technology and their form of business allow them to finance, capitalize and manage the distribution of energy to the wide needy clients wishing to go solar. Mostly they are operating in Brisbane.

Electroy Solar customers are now giving Electroy bad reviews and they have no idea that Electroy are no longer in business

Queensland solar and lighting offers true partnership to governments, businesses, and other projects they get. They are also able to improve existing projects to a certain level of production or improving their efficiency. Their highly trained engineers help businesses to develop, deploy, and operate their projects smoothly. They partner with their clients in every step of their renewable journey. They also distribute and sell selected solar equipment for those who wish to install solar energy in their homes. Get connected now with Queensland solar and lighting.

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