How To Buy A Solar System On Finance

Buy Solar System ON finance and pay it off

Want to purchase a solar system in Brisbane and not have enough money required to purchase the system? We can help you with our Zero dollar deposit options.

You simply put $0 down and then agree to finance the system over a period of time, with time ranging from between 1 years, all the way up to 5 years!

Solar system finance companies brisbane
This could very well be the option you are looking for! Pay off your solar system and replace that massive electricity bill with a finance bill for just a few years, then once that is done, Enjoy cheap electricity!


Why is it a good idea to pay off the solar system rather than buying the system outright?

Because of cash flow! It is going to be a bit more expensive to pay off rather than getting a special ‘cash price’ but if it makes a solar system a positively-geared investment it certainly is a no-brainer.


For example, if you can buy a system with payment terms at just $400 per quarter, but the system is knocking off $550 off your electricity bill every quarter for a few years, and then come the end of the finance term, you own your solar system outright and no longer have the $400 per quarter component, yet still saving $600+ off every bill (that will be what it is saving you by the time the finance contract is paid out as electricity prices are rising every year)… doesn’t that make it the most obvious purchase you’ve seen?

If you work, have a job, an aged pension, or Self-Funded Retiree you have a very high chance of being able to be assisted with finance and be able to install a solar system on your house.

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