6 types of Solar customers

Here at QLD Solar and Lighting we are approached daily by potential solar system buyers from everywhere and all walks of life. We thought it would it would offer you an insight as to what other customers think about and are asking about when they make that same initial solar system enquiry.

Solar power is a highly competitive industry in Australia, and we have been around long enough to assign certain customers to a particular category. This list will be updated as we see more trends appearing in the ever-changing and evolving solar industry.


In the comments below you can tell us about the experience you had when shopping for solar.


15 Quote Quentin

Quentin has more time in the world than anyone you have met before. He reminds me of the Saturday and Sundays in the Real-Estate industry, Indian families who just drive around looking at open-house after open-house, asking questions but just appearing to get prices and information for fun.  Quentin get’s a lot of quote’s and ask some pretty outrageous questions, but we aren’t too sure about how serious he is about getting a solar system installed on his roof.

9 Month Merrick

is somewhat a variation of 15 Quote Quentin, but instead of compiling a list of quotes in a timely-manner, he is getting information on his new-build that he hasn’t even bought the block of land for yet, or buying a house, and settlement isn’t until next year, well after Christmas. We generally cannot help Merrick too much, as the prices and products are changing all the time, not too mention all the rules and regulations that dictate most of the market. Merrick is told to take a chill-pill and come and speak to us within 4 months of house completion or settlement date.

Bogan Barry

Bogan barry solar customer

Bogan Barry is a pleasant family man. He originates from the suburbs, and is a hard working, honest man who caters for his family. Often in the early negotiations for a suitable solar system for his suburban abode, he will ask if trading an old HQ Kingswood shell, with no motor but ‘transmission is still smooth’ that has been sitting on his front lawn for 23 years would suffice as part-payment. All is forgiven though, as install goes smoothly and the installers are stoked when they drive away cheerin’ from their hard day’s work of solar installation, Barry was so impressed he had given the crew some roadies, a 6 pack of VB!

Spec Sheet Spencer

Spencer is that dude that often get’s a heap of quotes from many companies, and has an impressive collection of solarpanel-specsheet.PDF’s on his desktop PC. He invites the next solar companies solar consultant into his home  to offer their presentation (and drop off some new spec sheets). As Solar consultant delivers his presentation (often waffling on) Spencer sits, often fidgeting and grunting (uh-huh, yep…) with most stuff being told to him going in one ear, and out the other… all while he has his eyes focused, panning back and forth as if he is watching a Wimbledon final, but the back of 2 different solar panels spec sheets is what he is honing in on. Who cares about who is doing the solar system install, price, warranties or the quality of the components used, Isn’t that right Spencer? It all comes down to the numbers that don’t mean anything on the back of printed spec sheets. Spencer look for real world yield data and reviews of the product. That’s what is going to save you money, not dodgy solar panel manufacturers lies printed on the back of shiny piece of paper!

Gullible Garry

Garry is told APS panels are a high quality panel, and  coupled with Solis inverters, make it one of the best 6kw systems available on the market, all with a $4000 price-tag. He hasn’t just been told this from True Value Solar, Euro Solar has given him the same similar type of spiel. By the time we get to him, Gullible Garry is now Gung-ho Garry and  tells us off for not being competitive, and to take a page out of True Value Solar and EuroSolar’s book.  How is your solar system going now Gazza?


Time-Waster Timmy

Timmy has been talking to us for over a month now, and has agreed to book in and set his install date with us, but still isn’t 100% sure on what system and components he is getting. We don’t insist on a 10% deposit, because we have not finalised an exact solar system with him yet, all we know is that he ‘definitely wants it done on the 21st June, and installed by us’. We have been in contact with Tim for nearly a month now. Every week he changes his system’s size and details as the install date is looming. 5 days from install it appears we have finally settled on a system to be installed. We have been rewarded with our patience. The 19th June rolls around and the office phone rings, it’s Timmy. He is calling to tell us that he has found his next door neighbours, sister’s husband who is a handyman will have a go at installing it for $100 cheaper than we had agreed. Before he hangs up, he is gleamingly boasting about another win he’s recent;y had in the quest to get solar on his roof, the score he found on Gumtree last night, someone’s used 5kw SunnyRoo inverter. He picked up for just $300. Timmy doesn’t know that 90% of inverters and panels sold on Gumtree and Ebay as used are no longer eligible and approved for a new solar system install. But at least Time-waster Timmy’s happy for now!



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