True Value Solar REVIEWS

True Value Solar REVIEWS

As a successful solar installer company, we often hear about our competitors and their practices. We are also repairing or upgrading/making safer a lot of solar installs from solar companies who have gone into receivership. One common competitor that we often come up against, and hear about is True Value Solar, often known simply as TVS. It is our best interest to demonstrate to potential customers the practices we have heard that TVS uses. These can also be confirmed by browsing various other True Value Solar reviews on the internet from a simple Google search.

True Value Solar review reads a lot like our euro solar review – Both mass National install sales solar companies.


True Value in Trouble with ACCC April 2016 – Click to read!

True Value Solar Reviews
This website goes through the True value Solar Reviews an d complaints on the internet

The advertised price seems great in the beginning

What we are led to believe, is the price TVS initially offers is not the whole picture. We believe that they have a few hidden fees and tactics in their marketing.

Firstly, Their warranties only apply if you keep up your ‘annual service’ by paying a service fee of around $100 pop. so if that’s a 5 year workmanship warranty… that’s an extra $500! 10 years, $1000. – Very Sneaky.

Secondly, the prefer to sell ‘upgradeable systems’ as they rely on making money from a customer later on,  by charging sky high prices just to install one extra panel later on… We have heard reports of TVS charging around $800 per panel installed. An example of an upgradeable system is 2kw worth of panels with a 5 kw inverter. We believe they will try and sell you the other 3 kw of panels at a very high rate.

QLD SOLAR AND LIGHTING got hold of True Value Solar’s Terms and Conditions – MUST READ – DODGY!

We are led to believe the majority of TVS installers are Sub-Contractors paid very poorly. This may reflect on the quality of the job. Remember, you dont want some crew of unfit and out-of-touch old electricians who have just received their ‘solar ticket’ to pull up at your house in their own personal Nissan Urvan that ‘barely passes a blueslip’ that just scooted over to your house from the local unpowered campsite where they were ‘put up for the night’.

These solar gypsies will then install a solar system on your home to their standard, not a professional companies. If a problem does arrive, you will more than likely find yourself with a major headache, chasing up True Value Solar complaints phone number. True Value Customer Service will then have a hard time liasing with you (calling you back) and getting a hold of your installers (wherever they are now) – deadset, why would you put yourself through it?

true value solar reviews and complaints
Don’t expect all True Value Solar installers to rock up in a van as modern or as decorated as this.








There are many websites around the internet with long detailed information of stories from troubled consumers, many of who explain a terrible and troublesome dealing with their customer support team. i.e, once they have your deposit or install, they aren’t too helping in communicating with an install date, or coming out for a 2nd visit to replace a faulty inverter or do some troubleshooting.

True Value Solar Reviews – Customer Review

While you will read a lot of negative True Value Solar reviews, you will read a few good True Value Solar reviews. Remember, one install is not the reflection of the whole company. However, where there is smoke, there has to be fire – and we hope its not burning wires.


4 thoughts on “True Value Solar REVIEWS”

  1. when our system goes down about 2 days a month they charge us $200. for a service callout but 3 days after calling and it is working again, this time it has been OUT for5 days but $200. we do not save on the small amount they make seem like a poor choice to go with them.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting

      We can’t believe that many customers are still using True Value Solar and EuroSolar

  2. Yes I have issues with you company. I have been trying to contact you still October 2018 about replacing my rusted panel. I was told by Ian Sison that I would hear from tech in the next week or two that was in November I am still waiting. I have sent you at least 3 emails none have been replies too.

    Please contact me ASAP or I will be taking this further.

    Elpi Kirtsanis
    C/N T263410
    P/N 07 38183294

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