Goodwe Solar Inverter Review

Goodwe Solar Inverters

goodwe Solar inverters

Goodwe Solar inverters are an extremely good value inverter that we are now pleased to say that we are offering.

GoodWe Solar Inverter Review

GoodWe Australia is one of the leading makers of affordable and high-quality solar inverters in Australia. The company has a huge research and development team based in China, which is constantly working to produce highly reliable and affordable inverters. Currently, the company produces nine different inverters. Their latest inverter will debut in June 2020.

The new Goodwe 10kw Single phase inverter – Goodwe MS inverter

About GoodWe

The company was founded in 2010. Since then, they have grown to be a major manufacturer of inverters globally. On average, the have monthly sales volumes of 30,000 pieces and they have operations in over 100 nations globally.

They produce inverters for commercial solar systems, residential solar systems, and solar storage systems. GoodWe is currently ranked at one of the Top 10 makers of solar inverters globally according to IHS & GTM, and Bloomberg. They are a stable and bankable firm that has managed to achieve sustainable growth in the solar inverter market.

The Resiliency of GoodWe inverters

The GoodWe inverters are designed to be as hardy as possible. In Australia, the GW5000D-NS and the GW6000D-NS are quite popular. These two are quite cost-effective and durable, which makes them perfect for Australia’s harsh weather.

Do GoodWe inverters Work with Shaded Solar Panels

In some places, shaded rooftops cannot be avoided. However, that is not a problem if you utilize GoodWe inverters. These inverters are compatible with popular optimizers. To increase the efficiency of solar panels in shaded conditions, you can also use half-cut solar panels.

The Cost of GoodWe inverters

GoodWe inverters are some of the most affordable in the Australian market. If you are planning to purchase a GoodWe inverter, it will cost you around $1100 less than a Fronius or SMA inverter and about $200 less than a GroWatt inverter.

Are GoodWe Solar inverters Battery Ready?

Not all GoodWe inverters are battery ready. However, the company does produce some hybrid inverters, which come with a battery storage inverter. For those who plan to add a solar battery storage unit later or claim a feed-in tariff, the GoodWe inverters are a great option. If you wish to use a hybrid inverter from GoodWe, you will have numerous options; inverters in the EM, ES, EH, and ET range, feature hybrid inverters.

The GoodWe Warranty Details

When purchasing an inverter, you must check the warranty. GoodWe is a major manufacturer of inverters. They have been in Australia for a long time. They have a well-established network of partners. As a result, you can be assured that they will honor the terms of the warranty.

The inverters come with a standard warranty of 5 years. The warranty is activated six months after shipping from GoodWe or after installation, whichever comes first. Besides that standard warranty, they offer an extended warranty, which can be between 7 and 25 years. Additionally, they offer a spare parts availability warranty, which covers the cost of the spare part. However, it does not cover shipping and installation.


GoodWe inverters are high-quality products that have received great reviews in Australia and abroad. The company is renowned for its low cost and the high quality of its products.

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