NESL solar panels reviews

When it comes to Solar Panels, NESL are regarded as one of the best companies in the world. The company is rather new in the grand scheme of things. They were formed in 2006. That being said; the company expanded rapidly… Read more

Munsterland solar panels review

Now; Munsterland solar panels have generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in Australia. This is in part down to the fact that whilst having a rather German-sounding name, they are not actually from… Read more

Benefits of Ipswich Solar Power

It is no secret that the world’s energy supplies are depleting at a rapid rate. Conventional ways of generating electricity i.e. through fossil fuel-based products are drying up incredibly fast. This… Read more

Hanwha solar panels review

If there is one thing that Korea knows how to do, it is to produce some high quality Solar Panels (and some decent food to boot!). One of the leading solar panel manufacturers in Korea is Hanwha, in fact; they are one of… Read more

Hanover solar panels review

Hanover solar panels are a very good solar panel, with offices and manufacturing in GERMANY. They also Manufacture great quality panels for the Australian Market in China.

Great product. more

Conergy solar panels review

Conergy is one of the largest providers of Solar Panels in the world. This company, based in Germany, is known for offering some absolutely superb products. If you read any Conergy Solar Panels Review out there then… Read more

B & B power inverter reviews

B & B Power Inverters may not be one of the ‘biggest’ brands in the world, but based upon the various B & B Power Inverter Reviews out there, this is a company which is almost certainly ‘notRead more

Sparse Locality but Large Potential for Solar Power in Holmview


Holmview is a sparsely populated suburb of Logan City with a population of only 1395 individuals. This study enumerates the possibilities for solar power in this locality.

  • Location
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Solar Power Study for Heritage Park


Heritage Park is a locality within the local government area of Logan City in southeast Queensland. It is the subject of assessment for solar power in this study.

  • Location – Heritage Park lies about 4 miles
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Solar Power Possibilities in Forestdale


A suburb of Logan City in the south east of Queensland, Forestdale is the focus of this study to ascertain the possibilities for solar power in the area.

  • Location – Forestdale is located about 6 miles
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