Cedar Grove – Solar power

Cedar Grove – Solar power Requirement for Transformation

An acreage farm area slowly transforming into a prime suburban area, Cedar Grove is the candidate for our study of the potential for solar power in the area.

  • Location – Cedar grove, under the local government area of Logan city, is situated about 17 miles southwest of the city. The distance from Brisbane is about 27 miles. Gold coast is also around 26 miles to the east. It is surrounded by Jimboomba, Cedar Vale, Woodhill, Allenview and Kagaru. The entire eastern boundary of this area runs along the Mount Lindsey Highway which runs to Beaudesert. The northern and western boundaries of this area run along the Logan River.

  • Area – Cedar grove had a population of about 2000 individuals according to the last census. The area used to scrubland which was cleared for agriculture when the first settlers arrived here. Parts of Cedar Grove are strewn with large and wide open meadows of grasslands.

  • Real Estate – Real estate is quite sought after here owing to some unique factors. There are acreage farms here which used to be the norm here. However in recent years it has given way to suburban homes, which are not quite acreage farms and not quite densely packed suburbs. Median houses price here range from 400,000 Australian dollars and above depending on what is being offered.

    There are many beautiful properties strewn about which have a larger land area, but cannot be classified as acreage farms. The look tends to be semi-rural, but the feel of the place is more suburban. Cedar Grove is in a transitional phase and with much development about to happen in surrounding areas of southeast Queensland it could end up being a much sought after suburbia. Solar power here could definitely have a big role here then.

There are already households who have taking advantage of solar power in Cedar Grove. There are quite a few areas where land is yet unreleased and there is a possibility it could be released either for commercial of for residential purposes. There is opportunity for solar power in Cedar Grove for both forms of real estate.

With older houses solar panels can be installed as an incentive for power cost reduction in the long run. Since a lot of area is undeveloped, newer houses should be integrated with solar power before they are put up for sale. If business parks or zones are to be developed they should have the same approach, at least for the functions that require lesser load.

By far the biggest opportunity would be in the installation of solar arrays. As Cedar grove is in southeast Queensland, there is no shortage of sunshine and this should be taken advantage of. There is enough undeveloped land which can be taken over to install large solar arrays to supply power to neighboring areas and also to meet demand for local consumption.

Solar power possibilities for Cedar grove are open as of now. With the correct decisions and actions much can be achieved here. With massive overproduction of power in this region from the burning of fossil fuels, this is a priority that needs to be addressed.

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