Solar Power Study for Berrinba

Solar Power Study for Berrinba, a Suburb Almost Within Logan City


Berrinba is a suburb, right on the edge of Logan city. It is the subject for – Solar Power Study for Berrinba, a Suburb Almost within Logan City.

  • Location – Berrinba is located about a couple of miles from Logan central. It is bordered by Logan central, Kingston and Marsden on the east; Heritage park and Crestmead to the south; Browns Plains and Drewvale to the west and Karawatha to the north. It is about 24 miles from the Brisbane central business district.


  • Topography – Berrinba is a combination of wetlands with intermittent flat grasslands and some pine tree growth. Earlier Berrinba included a larger area containing the Karawatha Forest and the scrubby creek area. Although both these areas are outside the locality of Berrinba now, some portions of them continue to be included within it.

    Berrinba houses a part of the Berrinba wetlands, which lie just south of its border within Crestmead. This is a partly protected wetland which has been developed in to a park with walkways, bike tracks, trekking trails and relaxation areas. To the north, it borders the Karawatha forest, which although not protected, has ecological impact on the surrounding areas including Berrinba. This area is mostly woods with pine trees and some scrubby vegetation.

  • Real Estate – Real estate is understandably sought after here, considering the proximity to Logan central. The land release for development has been much more generous in the recent years than before. Most of the homes here are suburban homes with attached yards and go regularly for around 250,000 to 300,000 Australian dollars. There are also a few industrial areas being offered but they constitute a minority in this area.


    Some of the older houses with small farms are being sold, as the owners find it profitable to sell off older property which has an appreciated value and then move to bigger farms with that same cash a further away. These farms are being split into smaller sections for both residential housing and commercial real esate


    Berrinba still has some way to go for real estate development although it is one of the faster growth areas and a yet unsaturated market in and around Logan city. This will not remain for long as houses will be taken up quickly as they are still affordable compared to areas around it. Hence Solar Power potential in Berrinba is also untapped.


Solar power in Berrinba will primarily be limited to individual homes. There are a few industrial plots being offered which are smaller in nature compared to bigger set ups in already established business zones. This could be a high growth area for solar power here. Businesses can be given incentives to set up solar power, at least for non-essential supplies which don’t require very heavy power supply.

Berrinba is slowly becoming a place of choice for suburban homes. With a lot of area still to develop, newer construction can offer solar power already integrated with the property. With prices still fairly low this will be sure success method for pushing solar power in the area.

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