Solar power in Browns plains

Solar power for the Hustle Bustle of Browns Plains


Browns Plains on the southeast of Queensland is a suburb of Logan City. Just two miles west of Logan City it is considered a vital and flourishing suburb. This study enumerates the possibilities for solar power in the area.

  • Location – Browns Plains lies two miles to the west of Logan city and 15 miles from Brisbane GPO. Browns Plains is bordered by Drewvale, Berrinba, Heritage Park, Regents Park, Hillcrest and Parkinson. Browns Plains has a population of 5574 individuals according to the latest census.


  • Area – Browns Plains has two different sides to it, on in the east and the other in the west. The western part of the locality has had a lot of real estate development. Although a suburban area, there are quite few industrial and commercial buildings as well including a large shopping complex. Most of the population and the business activities are on this side of the locality. The east is mostly a nature park and a wetland reserve and tourist area. Barring a few houses there are no major housing areas on this side.

    The Barrinba Wetlands Park is situated to the south east of this area, which has wetland bridges, sitting areas , hiking areas and attracts a lot of people who come to relax here.

  • Real Estate – Real estate in the north and west of the locality is highly developed as mentioned earlier. There are a few land releases that have happened recently and a few more that will happen in the near future. This is due to the Queensland government’s initiative to develop this area. Median prices for houses here run around 300,000 Australian dollars. Most of the houses are suburban houses with small front and /or backyards. This area is also highly sought after for its proximity to Logan city and Brisbane.

Solar power in Browns plains can be developed with the newer land releases which may be developed into homes. With older homes the incentive of grid independent free power can be put forward. This area is poised to grow and now is the opportunity to popularize solar power.

Solar power arrays will be difficult here because of the proximity to a large urban center and an already burgeoning suburbia. The space of individual homes is thus ideal ground for the penetration of solar power in Browns Plains.

Another are for can be public infrastructure like street lighting, water supplies and other amenities. Suburbs collectively are a huge drain on any region’s resources. Power generation for utilities and peripheral services for densely populated suburbs contribute quite heavily to climate change. If the dependence on fossil fuel powered electricity for these can be reduced then the emissions can be cut down a lot.

Solar power for industrial and commercial establishments should also be pushed by local bodies in Browns Plains. There are large shopping centers and other large commercial centers that can put up solar panels to cut down electric usage from the grid.

This would in turn push down the need for thermal power generation and in the process achieve the stricter green norms that the Government of Australia is planning to implement soon.

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