Solar power in Greenbank

Green Solar Power Possibilities in Greenbank


Greenbank is a locality within the local government of Logan City in south east Queensland. The possibility of solar power in this suburb is discussed in this article.

  • Location and Area – Greenbank is located about 7 miles east of Logan City and about 21 miles southeast of Brisbane. A large section of Greenbank is covered by protected forests and nature reserves. Initially past of this area was settled as an agricultural farm land although it has developed in to a suburban setting in recent years. The population of Greenbank was around 7300 individuals according to the last census.


  • Real Estate – Greenbank was primarily farmland, and it still retains some of its features from the past though most of it has developed in large spacious suburbia. Major part of the area was reacquired in the mid twentieth century to house the Greenbank Military Camp which is a protected site and has heritage listing.

    Median prices of houses tend to be around 500,000 Australian dollars owing to the bigger size of land that is usually attached with the suburban homes. It is also due to the proximity to Logan. It also well connected by the Mount Lindsey Highway and the Centenary Motorway being close. Greenbank also has a railway station on the Beenleigh line which connects it to Logan city and to Brisbane.

    There has been an increase in demand in the houses here due to the above factors and it will continue to grow for some time. Thus It Is imperative to develop Solar power in Greenbank where there is good opportunity for that.


  • Solar Power Potential – Since Greenbank offers houses with larger areas, newer homes should be included with the option of solar power. It is encouraging to see that many homes in this area have already proactively taken up solar power to cut down their power bills. Since people have larger houses, there are plenty of options to put up solar power in the houses as well.


    A major portion of Greenbank consists of protected nature reserves and hence buying large sections of land and setting up solar arrays would be difficult in the area. Older farms and some newer undeveloped land can be released later and this can be amalgamated to put a solar power park in the area.


Most of the power to this area comes from the regional power grid which is run by burning gas or coal. There is major power overproduction which should be the main reason to push for solar power. Just meeting the demand in this region causes enough emissions and over production of power puts out even more unnecessarily which is almost criminal.


With solar power in areas like Greenbank suburban homes can become independent of the power grid and reducing further demand for gas or coal burning. With this step, the capacity for the power plants can be reduced further and operated at a level just enough to meet the excess demand over solar power.


Solar power should be encouraged in area like Greenbank to push for a greener future and to protect local ecologies like the one Greenbank has.

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