solar power in Edens landing

Can Edens Landing be a solar powered Eden?


Edens Landing is a locality under the local government area of Logan city and is the candidate for the assessment of solar power potential in this study.

  • Location – Edens Landing is located about 6 miles south east of Logan City and about 21 miles south of Brisbane. It is bordered entirely by Holmview to the east and the south east, by Waterford in the southwest and west, by Bethania in the northwest and by Loganholme in the north.

    Part of the northeastern boundary of this suburb rubs along the Logan River and a part of the southern and southwestern boundary runs along the Logan River Road, which is the primary road connector of this area. Edens Landing also houses the Nexus Forest Park and the Eden Parkland. It also has a railway station on the Beenleigh line that connects it to Logan city and Brisbane and to Gold Coast in the south.

  • Real Estate – Edens landing is a medium density suburb. According to the last census the population was around 5,100 individuals. Suburban homes in this area are in demand, due to the connectivity via road as well as public transport. The median prices for a house here is around 350,000 dollars, although it can go up much further as there are a lot of exclusive suburban homes offered in certain areas.

    There are shopping centers, a school, a sports complex and small business areas in Edens Landing. This makes it very attractive to young and middle aged families looking to move to a suburb with all the urban amenities. Thus solar power in Edens Landing can play a major role in supplying power for these needs.

  • Potential for Solar Power – Solar power in Edens landing will have to revolve around suburban living landscape and all amenities required for that. There isn’t any land to develop arrays for mass production of solar power.


    As Edens landing is a suburb that needs a lot of power it takes most of it in from the power grid. With properties being redeveloped quite often, the scope here would be in integrating solar power before it goes up on the market again. This way, newer occupants can have the option on the table of reducing costs in the long run for a little more money included with the house mortgage.


    Older occupants who are staying longer in the area can be encouraged to buy solar power as it would reduce their power bills by a significant margin and in the long run would be very cost effective. Same would go for the Businesses here as most of them are small business and can supplement their power needs through solar power.


    Public amenities could be also brought under solar power especially for lighting needs. The schools and other public spaces In Edens Landing can definitely reduce drawing power form the grid by the use of solar power and hence drastically cutting costs.

There is opportunity in solar power in Edens Landing, and all that is required is to identify the core target areas and take necessary steps to make it into a reality.

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