solar power in Cedar Vale.


Solar Power for the Suburbia of Cedar Vale


Cedar Vale is a semi-rural suburban area under the local government are of Logan City. This study assesses the potential for solar power in Cedar Vale.

  • Location – Cedar Vale is situated about 16 miles southwest of Logan City. The distance from Brisbane is about 29 miles. It is bordered by by Jimboomba, Mundoolun, Veresdale Scrub, Woodhill and Cedar Grove. The entire western boundary of this area runs along the Mount Lindsey Highway which runs to Beaudesert.


  • Area – Cedar grove had a population of about 2971 individuals according to the last census. The area used to scrubland which was cleared for agriculture when the first settlers arrived here. This area is mostly covered with scrubland and dotted with Cedar trees. This region has a lot of these trees and hence along with the neighboring area, Cedar grove also takes its name from it. However there are also other types of trees like silly-oaks, pine and hardwood in this area, which made it profitable for the lumber business when the first settlers arrived here in the mid nineteenth century.


  • Real Estate – There are quite a few suburban homes here, which are not quite acreage farms and not quite densely packed suburbs. Median houses price here hover around 400,000 Australian dollars for average homes with an open extended area. There are a few farms here but the real estate landscape is primarily dominated by houses as mentioned earlier. The charm of moving to Cedar Vale is about larger open areas than what a typical suburb will allow, but not large enough to be an acreage farm.

There are already households who have taking advantage of solar power in Cedar Vale. Since this area compromises mostly of young and middle aged families, most of them would be here in the long run. Hence it is important to put and promote solar power in the long run.

Most of this area has been developed although there are a few patches which are yet unreleased. However the potential for growth in terms of land releases and newer settlements is unlikely. There isn’t enough land here to push for large arrays as well. Solar power in Cedar Vale will have to exploit the existing houses market.

There are quite a few properties which have changed hands recently owing to fluctuating property values and it will continue to happen. Once an old house is put up on the market, solar panels should be outfitted to the property as an option. This trend will continue for some time as more people move here allowing solar power to get its footing here.

Although solar power in Cedar vale doesn’t offer exciting growth it will offer steady growth. It is important to focus on the smaller areas and make inroads in to the territory of thermal power, i.e. power generated by burning gas and coal. The emissions that are causing climate change can be reversed if the dependence on those power sources is minimized if not eliminated.

With nature having blessed southeast Queensland with ample sunshine this is one advantage that should be fully utilized.

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