Solar systems Burleigh Heads

Solar systems Burleigh Heads: Whatever You Need


The Solar Systems Burleigh Heads from the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are proved to be the best in the Queensland area.  We are a country wide distributing company to ensure quality lighting for your home. We are the fastest growing distributors in the market when it comes to solar systems installation. Since Burleigh Heads like all other Australian towns receives high intensity sunlight all through the year, installing your own solar power generator is a very cost effective situation. Our power saving, cost effective Solar Systems Burleigh Heads means that you get lower electricity bills and yet not compensating on constant electric power. Our products give you an uninterrupted electric flow without having to depend on the conventional grid. The installation of solar power is a very good option these days with the government offering rebates on renewable energy projects.


Why solar power systems are a great idea right now

With everybody from the Australian government to Master Electricians Australia (MEA) trying very hard to get us all to install renewable electricity, the hassle of changing your home’s electric source is actually worth it. Yes, the installation of the entire bulky system can be harassing, but once it is done, you don’t need to depend on an outside grid. This offers you the freedom to choose when to use the grid. If you’re going away on a vacation or on business, you can simply switch off the grid and your meter won’t register any electrical activity.


Advantages of installing the solar systems Burleigh Heads made by us

  • All our brands that are part of the solar systems Burleigh Heads network are certified to meet the needs of Australians. We do in depth research on the qualities of each brand we sell. Our range of brands means we have something to suit every price range. We incorporate only the brands that use the latest technology. We have a comparative system for analysing all brands so that you have a clear idea of what you’re getting when you buy into the brand.
  •  Our range incorporates something for every price. We also offer attractive deals and discounts
  •  Our solar systems Burleigh Heads ensure that you get the most environment friendly, low polluting products
  • We are the biggest wholesalers of high design solar power systems that make your home look contemporary and sophisticated. The solar systems Burleigh Heads in our catalogue guaranteed to look solid and functional as well as function with the highest degree of efficiency.
  • Our efficient customer service is the reason we are best known. We drive over 600 kilometres to install the high performance solar panels in your home. We believe in serving customers quickly, efficiently and with a smile. We take entire responsibility for any malfunctioning and defective apparatus and are available all days a week for servicing. We are also available over the phone if you have questions or doubts.


Thus, if you’re thinking of going the green way in powering your home, our solar systems Burleigh Heads are a brilliant idea.

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