Solar Systems Helensvale

Solar Systems Helensvale: Power Your Home

In case you are a Helensvale dweller looking to switch to solar energy to power your home, we have all that you need to know about the solar systems Helensvale network. Read on to find how solar systems work, the benefits of switching to solar systems, the specifics of the solar systems Helensvale network and much more!

How solar systems work

Solar systems are renewable energy sources that can be installed in a grid form to power your home individually. This is how they work:

  • The solar panels, made up of solar photovoltaic (pv) cells, capture the light rays when the sunlight falls on them
  • The semiconductor chip of the photovoltaic cell generates a high voltage across its ends when exposed to sunlight.
  • This voltage creates a direct current (DC) across the ends of the cell
  • The inverter converts the direct current to alternate current (AC) for feeding into the grid
  • In most homes, there is a two way meter which records the amount of electricity provided by the solar cells as well as any additional power the home source might feed into the grid.

Advantages of using solar power grid systems                  

  • All year round sunlight means a continuous source of electricity for your home and commercial space
  • Back up batteries that source electric charge for when direct sunlight is not available
  • Attractive rebates and incentives offered by the government as well as individual retailers
  • Cost effective, one time installation taking care of all subsequent electric power needs
  • Environment friendly, being a renewable energy source. Does not emit harmful substances like greenhouse emissions, UV rays etc.
  • A very good option if you’re living in a remote area where the public grid electricity can be cut off due to natural disturbances.

Benefits of using our solar systems Helensvale grid

  • We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company take care of all your electricity needs from the choice of electric equipment to the installation and servicing
  • We use the products made with the latest technology and design that can be customized for your home needs
  • We have an attractive range of options for commercial lighting purposes like small businesses, restaurants etc.
  • Our solar systems Helensvale network is the fastest growing and we are opening more and more showrooms all around the suburb. This ensures you can reach us easily as our offices will be available in your locality
  • You can always contact us online for free sales quotes. We are extremely committed to delivering on time.
  • We have an attractive list of rebates and deals in addition to the ones that the government is offering
  • Both local and off shore and local manufacturers of grid systems and their components are registered with us to provide quality equipments in solar systems Helensvale network

These are a few qualities that make us the best solar systems Helensvale for your home. Given the many advantages of solar system installation, it is highly recommended that you become a part of the solar systems Helensvale network.

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