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Solar Systems Arundel: The Best Renewable Energy!

Welcome to an overview of the solar systems Arundel scenario. The solar systems Arundel network, like the solar energy position in the country at large, is growing by leaps and bounds. According to data, the use of solar electricity in homes and commercial spaces has doubled over the past year, with Queensland being one of the biggest solar energy consumers in the country. This is highly surprising, since Queensland receives the maximum amount of sunlight all through the year. The Arundel area is also fast catching up with more and more homes converting to clean, renewable solar energy. Although the setting up of this system can be a little problematic and the installation costs are large, the power system is so cost effective that you recover your installation costs by saving on your electric bills within two months. The Australian Federal and State Government is also tries to popularize the idea by providing you with incentives to reduce your installation prices. Some of these incentives are:

  • REC or Renewable Energy Certificate issued by the Renewable Energy Regulator Office
  • Solar Credits subsidies for residential spaces
  • Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for small businesses and commercial areas
  • The 8 cent tariff on installing solar systems was repealed in order to give home owners increasing freedom in choosing their grid.

These are some of the reasons why this is a great time to change your home’s electric source to renewable power. There are options for installing solar systems Arundel in the form of an independent grid system providing power to your home. There are also several options for using solar panels and solar cells for commercial lighting purposes. All in all, if you are a homeowner in Arundel looking for a clean energy source, the solar systems Arundel network provided by our company is the best idea.

How we help you in installing solar systems Arundel

You get the best deals, rebates and discounts if you buy the solar systems Arundel from our company. You also avail of our efficient customer care, which is ready all days a week to help you out. The installation is done by the best technicians who will customize the entire grid to meet your electricity needs. Each home needs a different grid depending upon the amount of electricity used, the number of things running on electricity, the number of electric sockets and points in the home etc. We understand that it is usually very harassing for you to make all these calculations by yourself. If you contact our company, our expert sales advisors will work out the kind of grid you need and the specific components in it. Then our servicemen will turn up right at your doorstep to install the entire thing for you. We also offer free quotes and advice if you sign up on our website. We also send you newsletters so that you get to know about attractive deals and discounts when they become available. All these advantages make us the best guys to come to if you are converting to the solar systems Arundel network.

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