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Solar Power Pinjarra Hills – The Sun Is Out


Pinjarra Hills is small suburb of the city of Brisbane. Located on the northern bank of the Brisbane River, it is a mainly rural setting. The main feature of Pinjarra Hills is the University of Queensland’s Veterinary School. Residential development is at a very nascent stage. This is fortuitous because it holds open the possibility of adopting Solar Power Pinajrra Hills right at the very beginning. Solar power is no exotic creature. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will make you familiar with the concept and working of Solar Power Pinjarra Hills.


About Pinjarra Hills

Pinjarra Hills is located at a distance of around 15 kilometres to the west of Brisbane Central Business Districts. It lies on the northern bank of the Brisbane River. Pinjarra is mainly a rural area.


Solar Power

Solar Power Pinjarra Hills is the best choice for meeting all the electricity requirements of your community including the University of Queensland Veterinary School. The Federal Governments and the State Governments are committed to boosting the adoption of solar power technology to generate electricity for households. This is on account of the commitments made at climate change talks to reduce carbon emissions. There are solar incentives available to those home owners who choose to adopt Solar Power Pinjarra Hills.


Solar Incentives

  • In the not too distant past, an investment in Solar Power Pinjarra Hills could have been expected to pay for itself within a period of around 5 years. However, there has been a reduction of incentives on offer from the Federal and State Governments. But that has only marginally elongated the payback period by two years. The capital investment in solar power systems now takes 7 years to be recovered. That is still extremely lucrative when you consider that the average solar power system has a life span of well over twenty years;
  • Households generating electricity from Solar Power Pinjarra Hills and supplying the power to the grid (briefly called ‘grid connected systems’) are eligible for the benefit of feed in tariffs;
  • The feed in tariff is the rate at which you are compensated for the electricity that you supply to the local grid;
  • There are two types of feed in tariffs – the ‘gross’ FiT and the ‘net’ FiT;
  • The gross FiT is applicable only in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territories. Gross FiT is paid in relation to all the electricity which the household generates from the solar power system without reference to the amount of power which is consumed for domestic use;
  • In all the other states, the FiT is paid on net basis. In this system, the number of KW hours consumed for domestic use is deducted from the total KW hours of power generated by the system for Solar Power Pinjarra Hills and the FiT rate is paid only for the net electricity, In other words, payment is only for the net contribution of power to the grid;



Solar Power Pinjarra Hills can keep your surrounding environment unspoilt and pure. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will be your ready, willing and able partners for the project.

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