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Oxley is located in naturally beautiful surroundings; bounded by the Brisbane River and Oxley Creek on one side and rolling hills on the western side. Oxley also benefited from the beautification through landscaping and tree plantation which was part of the Suburban Community Improvement Programme. The missing pearl in the necklace is the adoption of Solar Power Oxley for generation of electricity. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has all the expertise needed for just such a project. The advantages of choosing solar power are manifold.


About Oxley

Oxley was named in memory of an Australian explorer by the name of John Oxley. This suburb of Brisbane is located at a distance of 10.8 kilometres to the south-west of the Central Business District of Brisbane. Oxley is beautiful suburb with two picturesque golf courses and a modern retail and entertainment setting. But there is one thing missing and that is Solar Power Oxley.


Solar Power

The environmental benefits of adopting solar power are too well known to bear much repetition. Solar power is 100 per cent clean, 100 per cent renewable, totally sustainable, electricity is free after installation, zero maintenance, etc. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of Solar Power Oxley.


Benefits of Solar Power

  • When you take recourse to the sun to generate electricity for your home, you are insuring yourself and your family members against the high risk of rising tariffs of electricity supply from the grid;
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are, in your own small way, contributing to the safeguarding of the environment against further damage from the burning of fossil fuels;
  • Your constructive decision will save the earth from tonnes of emissions-solid, liquid and gaseous- and reduce your personal carbon footprint;
  • With Solar Power Oxley becoming a hedge against the impact of future rise in electricity costs, your property becomes more valuable to prospective buyers;
  • Your children will more easily understand the importance of abjuring from pollution and preserving the environment;
  • Your decision to go with solar power will lead to growth of the industry and will generate employment. After all, the solar power industry needs manpower for manufacture, design, research, installation, post sales service, marketing, etc. Many of these opportunities may arise in your local community;
  • Solar Power Oxley is a zero maintenance solution. You have nothing to do except to keep the solar panels free of dead leaves and such debris. This is to ensure that the panels are properly exposed to sunlight and, thereby, they will function optimally;
  • Solar Power Oxley is self sustaining. There is no question of procuring any feedstock for its operation. The only resource that it requires to generate electricity is sunlight. Sunlight is supplied to us every day free of charge;
  • The capital investment which is made for Solar Power Oxley will be recovered within a span of around 7 years. And may be lower if future increases in the cost of electricity supply from the grid are projected and taken into account;



There are sound reasons for choosing Solar Power Oxley.

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