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Mount Ommaney is one of the Centenary Suburbs. A large tract of forest land has been declared as protected by the Brisbane City Council and is not available for development. These proactive measures to protect the fragile ecological balance are welcome. A further step in this direction would be the adoption of Solar Power Mount Ommaney for generation of electricity.


About Mount Ommaney

Mount Ommaney is an outer suburb of Brisbane. It is located around 14 kilometres to the south-west of the Central Business District of Brisbane. It is on the southern side of the Brisbane River and a large proportion of the houses are situated on the hill.. Home owners have great views of the Central Business District of Brisbane, the River Brisbane, the suburbs or the countryside on the opposite side of he River Brisbane.


Clean environment

The environment in and around Mount Ommaney is relatively clean and unspoilt. It is important to preserve the environment and the best way to achieve that objective is Solar Power Mount Ommaney. Solar power is 100 per cent clean and environment friendly. The present energy scenario relies heavily on electricity generated from the use of carbon based fuels such as coal, gas, and, petroleum. These fuels generate considerable pollutants in solid, liquid and gaseous form. These pollutants have spelt doom to the environment, destroyed forests and ravaged rivers and other water bodies on our planet. Solar Power Mount Ommaney will save your surroundings from such devastation.


Solar Power

  • Solar Power Mount Ommaney is a highly viable proposition financially. The payback period for the initial capital investment is around 7 years. This period is likely to reduce with the advent of rising costs for the supply of conventional electricity. And remember that the life span of your solar power equipment is more than 20 years;
  • Electricity prices in Australia are forecast to rise anywhere between 20 per cent and 30 per cent in the next two years. This figure is only the nominal increase and does not factor in the impact of any tax increases;
  • Adopting Solar Power Mount Ommaney is a great hedge against the burden of constantly rising costs of conventional electricity;
  • Solar Power Mount Ommaney provides you with an alternative source of electricity. In its absence all you can do to control you expenses on electricity is curtail your electricity consumption. With Solar Power Mount Ommaney you do not have to change your lifestyle;
  • Substantial Federal Government rebates are available under the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). These add up to almost one third of the capital cost of solar power.
  • Solar power is a long term investment and not an expense. After recovering your initial investment, you will be reaping the benefits of free electricity for years and years to come. After all, the life term of the solar equipment is in excess of 20 years.



With so many benefits flowing from
solar power, there is no reason to wait any more. You can contact Queensland Solar and Lighting Company for Installation of your system for Solar Power Mount Ommaney.

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