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The locality is fortunate to be surrounded by the Brisbane River, Mount Crosby and a State Forest. In the midst of nature, the best thing to do to keep the environment clean, fresh and pure is to make a conscious decision to use Solar Power Mount Crosby. The professional services of Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will support the effort to go the solar way. There are many advantages of adopting solar power.


About Mount Crosby

As the name suggests, Mount Crosby is a mountain. It is also a locality situated about 22 kilometres south-west of the Brisbane Central Business District. Presently, Mount Crosby is rather sparsely populated with only around 200 persons. But development is gradually beginning, and this is, therefore, the right time to think of Solar Power Mount Crosby. Solar power integrated into building plans at the stage of conception itself would be a progressive measure.


About Solar Power

  • The future of electricity supply for home consumption lies with Solar Power Mount Crosby. Solar power is destined to be a winner because of its inherent sustainability and the advantage of home management;
  • The cost of electricity generated by home based Solar Power Mount Crosby is steadily reducing. This is happening even as the tariffs for electricity supplied by retailers is showing an annual upward trend;
  • Australian homes have certain characteristics which make installing Solar Power Mount Crosby easy. Most Australian homes are the beneficiaries of abundant sunshine which is the only resource required for the generation of electricity through solar power. The homes have large roof tops which make it easy to install the solar modules in the most advantageous way;
  • Even commercial establishment have large roofs so that installing Solar Power Mount Crosby is eminently a feasible proposition;
  • More than one million homes in Australia have installed solar power systems and more than 3 million Australian are reaping the benefits of solar power for household use;
  • Australia leads the world in terms on number of individual solar installations. But in terms of wattage of electricity generated Germany is still the world leader;
  • Given that Australia is the more sunny country, it would be odds on that Australia would take over the leadership position from Germany in the not too distant future;
  • The cost of production of solar power systems has bee n steadily dcling thanks to research and devlopment;
  • Concurrently, the cost of electricity supply from the grid has been steadily increasing. Consumers are not prepared to face increasing electricity bills year after year. More and more home owners are switching over to Solar Power Mount Crosby. This is so that they have better control over their expenses.




Australia has already crossed the one million mark in the number of solar installations. It is now well on the way to reaching the two million mark. Join the surge toward solar power. Plan for the future by choosing ‘green power’ over ‘dirty black power’. Choose Solar Power Mount Crosby today.

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