Solar Power Mount Coo-tha

Solar Power Mount Coo-tha – High Noon


This most popular tourist destination in Brisbane is famous for ‘The Lookout’, the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, mountain bike trails, walking paths, and the television and radio towers. Abundant sunshine is one of the features of Mount Coo-tha, Solar Power Mount Coo-tha is definitely an option for managing all the establishments including the Summit Restaurant and Kuta Cafe. Queensland Solar Power and Lighting Company have expertise and experience in installing solar power systems.


About Mount Coo-Tha

Mount Coo-Tha lies around 6 kilometres to the west of Brisbane Central Business District. Mount Coo-Tha is the source of the Ithaca Creek.


Solar Power

  • Solar power is generated when the energy which is latent in the light of the sun is converted into electricity by Solar Power Mount Coo-Tha;
  • Basically, there are two types of solar energy;
  • The first type is solar thermal energy in which the energy in sunlight is converted into thermal energy i.e. heat is generated by the process. Thermal energy can be conducted by air or carried by heated water or other fluids and is usually deployed for heating of spaces or to generate electricity by further conversion into steam for powering turbines;
  • A more common use of thermal solar is for hot water systems;
  • Generally, thermal solar is used for large scale generation of electricity
  • The photo voltaic (PV) cell technology converts sunlight directly into electricity. This is direct current. This direct current is converted into alternating current by an inverter. Thereafter, it is supplied for household use as Solar Power Mount Coo- Tha;
  • PV cells can be installed on roof tops of homes (the commonest location) or mounted on walls or even integrated into building designs.


Solar Power in Australia

  • Among all the continents of the world Australia i the beneficiary of the highest amount of sunlight per square metre. Within Australia, the areas with the best sunlight are the desert areas in the north-west and the central parts of the country.
  • Annually, Australia receives sunlight (an average of around 60 million PJ) which is 10,000 times more than its annual consumption of electricity;
  • However, Solar Power Mount Coo-Tha constitutes only 0.1 per cent of the total energy consumption. Nothing more need be said about the scope for increasing generation of electricity through Solar Power Mount Coo- Tha;
  • Slowly but steadily generation of electricity through Solar Power Mount Coo- Tha is increasing. This is owing to the commitment exhibited by the Federal Government which has introduced the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SES).
  • There has also been sizeable funding for research and development in solar thermal and solar photo voltaic technologies to make the equipment less expensive and more efficient;
  • Federal Governent’s Clean Energy Initiative Solar Flagships Program has earmarked $1.5 billion fo setting up four super size solar power plants in Australia;
  • The target of the Government is to put in place capacity to generate 1000 megawatts of electricity trough Solar Power Mount Coo-Tha.


Keep nature clean and green. Make the decision to go for Solar Power Mount Coo-tha today.

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