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Solar Power Moggill – Green Acres


There was a time when Moggill used to be a suffusion of green. But gradually, the pineapple farms around Witty Road and Priors Pocket Road have given way to housing development. But the environment could still be preserved by going in for a green energy source with Solar Power Moggill. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are experienced in implementing solar power projects.


About Moggill

Moggill is to west of the city of Brisbane and located around 19 kilometres from the Central Business District of Brisbane. The suburb is dotted with small lot housing development and acreage properties. There are also a few outlying farms on the fringes of the suburb of Moggill.


Solar Power Moggill

The reduction of the green belt through conversion into housing can be made good by switching over to Solar Power Moggill from using electricity from the grid. It is now common knowledge that carbon based fuels are causing untold havoc to nature and destroying the environment and the natural habitats of birds, fish and animals. In contrast, Solar Power Moggill is a zero pollution source of electricity.


Feasibility Check

  • Roof top direction

A roof top that faces due north is the best for installing a system for Solar Power Moggill. North-east and north-west facing roofs are also acceptable. Solar power systems can also be installed on roofs which face in any other direction. However, the output will not be as efficient. But you can still make savings to the extent that the electricity generated from the solar power reduces your consumption of electricity from the grid. You can determine the direction of your roof by rising early and watching which side the sun is rising or use a compass or look it up on a map.

  • Clear access

The panels for Solar Power Moggill should receive the direct rays of the sun. Keep a watch for a day or two to make sure that the location on the roof where the solar panels are proposed to be installed is not adversely affected by shade from trees or other nearby tall structures. Make notes on which part of the day your roof receives the maximum sunlight.

  • Adequate space

Your roof should have adequate space for installation of the system for Solar Power Moggill. The adequacy of space should be assessed with, preferably, a five year vision which should take into account addition of panels in the future. In case you are contemplating any other use of your roof now or at a later date – maybe for a skylight or a new TV antenna or for a solar water heater system, decide the space for your solar power system keeping this in mind. This will obviate the need to move the panels at a later date.

  • System capacity

You should decide the capacity of Solar Power Moggill which you will have installed taking into account the electricity required for your household, the area which you can make available for installation of the solar power system, the quantun of electricity which you want to generate and the financial resources at your disposal for investment.



With world class equipment available from Queensland Solar and Lighting Company there is every reason to opt for Solar Power Moggill.


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