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Milton Courts and Milton Bowls are redeveloped to create an inner city parkland which will act as a green lung for the suburb. This is certainly a commendable and progressive initiative. A supplemental idea is to go green with Solar Power Milton to meet the electricity needs of your homes. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will help you to realise this objective.


About Milton

Milton is an inner suburb of the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Milton is situated approximately 2 kilometres west of the Brisbane Central Business District. Housing stock is mostly in the form of multiple residency houses. Milton is also home to a number of commercial offices, warehouses, light industry and other business establishments. This provides ample scope for reduction of consumption of electricity from the grid. That is polluting electricity which involves the burning of carbon based fuels and the generation of poisonous gases and solid and liquid waste products. Solar Power Milton is the way forward. With solar power there will be no pollution of any kind. Solar Power Milton is a clean, green and 100 per cent environment friendly way to generate electricity.


About Solar Power

  • Roof of your home

In residential situations, the solar panels are generally mounted on the roof top. It is important that your home roof should lend itself to installation of solar panels in the north facing direction. This is the best direction for maximising the fall of the sunlight on the solar panel so that electricity generation is optimised. But not having a north facing roof does not mean that you cannot derive the benefits of Solar Power Milton. Solar panels facing in directions other than north will only not generate as much power as the north facing ones. But you can still benefit from reduction of electricity consumption from the grid at high tariffs. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will help to design a PV system for whatever the type of roof which your home may have. Needless to say, the roof should be capable of taking the weight of the module for Solar Power Milton.

  • Capacity of the Solar System

This is a decision which will depend primarily upon four factors- the area available on your home roof for installation of the solar system, the size of your household and the appliances which you are normally using, the quantum of electricity which you want to generate and the finances you have set aside for Solar Power Milton. You must discuss this threadbare with the prospective suppliers of the solar power system.

  • Generation of electricity

This is an estimate which you must insist on having from your equipment supplier. Be sure to obtain not less than three quotations, each of which should include the estimate of electricity generation over the life span of the system for Solar Power Milton. You should expect at least 80 per cent of the rated output from the equipment even with advancing age of the equipment



Solar Power Milton is the way forward and the future of electricity generation.


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