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Solar Power Middle Park – Heat Of The Day


The heat of the day is often regarded as oppressive. But solar heat is a fantastic source for electricity. Solar Power Middle Park could revolutionise your way of life. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have the wherewithal to assist you to switch over from conventional electricity to electricity generated from solar power.


About Middle Park

Middle Park is a suburb of Brisbane located about 14 kilometres south west of the Brisbane Central Business District. Middle Park is one of the six original “Centenary Suburbs” into which Jindalee was split in the 1970s. Housing is manly stand alone type and town houses. Town houses are generally two storey buildings on a small plot of land in a kind of gated community. A standard house in Middle Park is around 230 square metres in area on a plot of land of around 600 square metres dimension. These are brick and tile structures with an outer skin of solid brick and roof of tiles laid on wooden frameworks. The inner walls are usually of plaster board.


About the Future

The features of housing in Middle Park are such that they are conducive to installation of solar power systems on the roof tops. Solar Power Middle Park is a 100 per cent clean and green energy source. More than 1 million solar installations are present in Australia and nearly 4 million Australians are living in houses which are enjoying the electricity generated on their ownr oof tops. There is an opportunity for you too to become a part of the move to Solar Power Middle Park. Apart from becoming a part of the population which commits itself to protecting the environment from the hazards spread by the use of fossil fuels, you will also be able to enjoy financial benefits. These include a discount on the invoice value of the solar power equipment for and reduction in the expenditure on electricity consumed from the grid connection. The initial investment on Solar Power Middle Park will be recovered within around 7 years. The equipment itself has a life of more than 20 years. The solar power equipment will also add much value to your properties.


Saving Money

  • Solar Power Middle Park will be the first source of supply for your household use, You will use much less electricity from your electricity retailer. This is the first saving for you because electricity from Solar Power Middle Park is much cheaper than that from the conventional grid;
  • If your solar power system is generating more electricity than you need, the surplus power can be fed into the grid. In exchange, you will either receive a direct cash compensation or a credit in your monthly electricity bill from your electricity retailer The rate varies from retailer to retailer. You may, therefore, contact your electricity retailer and understand the manner in which the compensation will be determined;



Solar Power Middle Park is the call of the new generation. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will gladly help you to lead the way to a clean and green environment with Solar Power Middle Park.


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