Solar Power Lake Manchester

Solar Power Lake Manchester – Revolutionary Idea


Harness the power of the sun to manage all operations of the Lake Manchester Dam with Solar Power Lake Manchester. It’s inexpensive, it’s reliable, it’s clean. Tap into electricity from solar power. Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you the way.


About Lake Manchester

Lake Manchester is an outer suburb of Brisbane. It is situated around 30 kilometres west of the Central Business District of Brisbane. Large tracts of land in Lake Manchester are covered by the D’Aguilar National Park and the Brisbane State Forest. Lake Manchester is enfolded by nature and, therefore, it is important that it should be protected from the devastation that is usually a fall out of the unbridled use of carbon fuels for generating electricity. The safest way to achieve this laudable objective is Solar Power Lake Manchester.


Commercial Solar Power

Much of the growth in generation of electricity through Solar Power Lake Manchester has been by the residential housing sector in Australia. But that does imply that solar power has no role to play in the commercial sector. Solar power is gradually making strides in installation of utility projects to generate electricity in the commercial sector. The payback period for the initial investment to be made for such projects is also attractive; at least as attractive as its is for home owners.


Problem solving

However, surveys to understand the sluggish growth of electricity generation from Solar Power Lake Manchester in the commercial sector tell the real story. There is, apparently, a stumbling block which has arisen over the distribution of the benefit of the incentives. This is because, in the commercial sector, the property on which the solar power system is installed is often owned by one person (the Lessor) who makes the capital investment but is actually used by another person (the Lessee) who actually pays the electricity bill. But rather than view this as an impasse and a deadlocked situation, there is an opportunity to introduce a new financing instrument which can keep all the parties to the transaction happy.


Solar Farms

Australia is a large continent with thousands of acres of vacant land which is not being commercially exploited. This vacant land can be put to use for establishing solar farms and it will not even displace any of the population. Sunlight is the only resource required to generate electricity from a solar system and Australia is blessed with abundant sunlight. At a rough estimate it would take occupation of hardly around 1 per cent of the land area to generate electricity from Solar Power Lake Machester that would meet the needs of the whole of Australia.


Renewable Energy

Solar Power Lake Manchester is a 100 per cent renewable energy which is totally self sustaining. There is virtually no limit to the amount of electricity that can be generated by harnessing the power of sunlight. The International Energy Agency has forecast that within the next 50 years the world will be meeting 50 per cent of its requirements of electricity through Solar Power Lake Manchester.


In Conclusion

Revolutionise your functioning with Solar Power Lake Manchester.


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