Solar Power Kholo

Solar Power Kholo – A Beginning


Kholo is a tiny suburb of Brisbane located around 22 kms from the Brisbane Central Business District. With a small population, the development of Kholo is truly at an embryonic stage. Just the right time to contemplate adoption of Solar Power Kholo for all your requirements of electricity. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company can provide you with all the technical know- how that you need for implementing such a project.


About Solar Energy

A solar power system based on photo voltaic (PV) cell technology is the best way to capture energy from the sun for generating electricity through Solar Power Kholo for home use.

  • Technological advances have brought down the initial investment to be committed for installing home systems for Solar Power Kholo.
  • The surplus electricity generated by the solar power system can be sold to the electricity retailer in exchange for either direct payment at the prevailing rate or a credit in the next electricity bill.
  • Systems for Solar Power Kholo are extremely low maintenance installations. Once installed all that they require is periodical cleaning of dead leaves, etc from the solar panels which capture the sun light.


Location of the system

The efficiency of the system for Solar Power Kholo depends considerably on the location of the solar panels. This needs to be discussed with your system installer at the installation site.

  • The panels should receive as much direct sunshine as is feasible. In Australia, this means that the solar panels should face north for optimising the absorption of sunlight.
  • The panels should also be fixed at the appropriate angle which will depend upon the position of the sun in relation to the height of the roof top on which the solar panels are to be installed;
  • The inverter to which the direct voltage generated by the system for Solar Power Kholo will be transferred should be located as near as possible to the source of the electricity generation. The shorter the length of the cables connecting the inverter to the solar panels, the lower will be the transmission loss;
  • Provided you have space, you could install a tracking frame that will follow the path of the sun. This mechanism will enable you to maximise the electricity generated. But these frames are expensive and you must study the cost benefit analysis before arriving at your decision;
  • Check your surrounding areas to make sure that the sunlight will not be shaded from the solar panels by trees in the vicinity. Remember, that in winter, the sun will hang lower in the sky and the angle will be more obtuse from the solar panel. You may need to have bypass diodes installed. You may check this with your installer.
  • Check on the warranties that will be made available with the equipment for Solar Power Kholo. There are two warranties to look for. One is the warranty from the manufacturer against manufacturing defects; the product warranty. The second is the performance warranty which assures the amount of electricity that will be generated by the system over its lifetime; usually for a period of 20 years to 26 years.



This is the chance of a life time to make a difference with Solar Power Kholo.

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