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Solar Power Kenmore – Morning Sunrise


Residents of Kenmore looking to change over from conventional electricity to Solar Power Kenmore will be doing themselves and the environment a world of good. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have standardised and customised solutions to meet your defined requirements


About Solar Power

Solar power is a clean and green energy source which is very much in keeping with the greenery which is the hallmark of life in Kenmore. Besides protecting the environment,


Planning for Solar Power

The population comprises mostly working professionals and families. Housing is generally detached houses and town houses are comparatively rare. Kenmore is presently in the midst of rapid development. There is considerable renovation of infrastructure and housing and modernization of facilities. But Kenmore continues to be surrounded by green hills and verdancy. This is the appropriate time to incorporate Solar Power Kenmore in the vision for the future. Solar Power Kenmore has a myriad of benefits to offer. Solar Power Kenmore will protect the green and verdant environment so precious to your residents because solar power is a clean and green source of energy. In addition, home owners will be eligible for financial benefits which will reduce their electricity expenses by anywhere between 30 per cent to 70 per cent. The payback period for the initial investment will be just around 7 years compared to the 20 plus years life span of the solar power equipment.


Choosing Solar Power



With these advantages and with the high quality of equipment available, choosing to go with Solar Power Kenmore is the best course of action. Every morning sunrise will have you wondering why you did not think of choosing Solar Power Kenmore much earlier. .


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